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:: This increased pressure compresses the arteries and veins decreasing blood flow to the muscles:: His friends broke several laws by transporting Abbeys corpse without a permit interring him illegally on federal land and forging a death certificate:: No mention was made as to the relative proportion of male versus female students at the two universities:: We had a home made wooden sledge and we took the crates and put it on the sledge and took them round to the houses near where we lived:: Its comforting I suppose to think that the Government cares so much about our safety to the point of mollycoddling :: The moms and dads were as impressed with the inside of the cottage as the children were:: Globalization means that the disparate parts of the world are coming closer together :: The execution was to take place at the ringing of the evening curfew bell:: Another concert was held for the primary students next morning before the group departed for its Friday night concert at Maungaturoto:: In terms of land use the typical cemetery can hold between 1000 and 2000 dearly departeds per acre so were devoting a maximum of 1700 acres of new cemetery ground each year:: Rocks in intermediateburial settings experience chemical compaction as well as subsurface cementation and dissolution :: Generally church courts do not dissolve marriages but annul them by declaring that no genuine marriage took place:: The one happy story amid the destruction was the rescue of the guarddog Jackson from his kennel at the rear of the garage:: The most painful result of this shortage can be seen in mausoleums small buildings for burial above ground of cemeteries of Cairo Egypts capital city:: They also checked for PCBs in the breast milk of the mothers who breastfed their babies about half of the cohort:: Birds might breed there but in fact the reproduction success is not high enough to maintain the population:: Selective breeding produced bigger cattle sheep and pigs:: Behind all the pomp and ceremony of Louis XIVs court the ancien regime was rotting:: The cause of death is not on the certificate but we will be told early this week:: He acknowledged Ernests roll as godfather of the movement and Ernest stayed involved for a number of years:: According to Guyanese tradition a female child will have two godmothers and one godfather and a male child will have two godfathers and one godmother:: The godparents were Nicola Coomey and Keith Kelly:: We can have no illusions that there can be a peaceful settlement or compromise with this gang:: English translations of the epitaphs on ancient tombstones of the Dutch and Portuguese in St Francis Church at Fort Kochi will soon be displayed:: Yesterday an old man collapsed in the toilet and Amelia ran out to fetch the ward sister :: We can no longer assume that social groups classes races nations sisterhoods will be homogeneous and consensual we look instead for evidence of power resistance coercion and consent:: :: An American fighter dropped a dummy bomb on East Yorkshire by mistake the US Air Force has confirmed:: why are you living in a dump like this:: English translations of the epitaphs on ancient tombstones of the Dutch and Portuguese in St Francis Church at Fort Kochi will soon be displayed
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