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Dissolve :
গুলা, দ্রবীভূত করা, বিলীন করা, অদৃশ্য করা, অদৃশ্য হত্তয়া, দ্রব করা, দ্রব হত্তয়া, দ্রবীভূত হত্তয়া, গলা, গলান, পৃথক্ করা, পৃথক্ হত্তয়া, বিগঠিত করা, বিগঠিত হত্তয়া, ভাঙ্গা, ভঙ্গ করা, অবসান করা, অবসান হত্তয়াগলানো, ভেঙে দেওয়া, অদৃশ্য হয়ে যাওয়া, আস্তে আস্তে অন্য ছবিতে রূপান্তরিত করার প্রক্রিয়া - গুলাগুলাদ্রবীভূতগুলাদ্রবীভুত
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Noun(1) (film
Verb(1) become weaker(2) cause to go into a solution(3) come to an end(4) stop functioning or cohering as a unit(5) cause to lose control emotionally(6) lose control emotionally(7) cause to fade away(8) pass into a solution(9) become or cause to become soft or liquid(10) bring the association of to an end or cause to break up(11) declare void

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(1) He popped it into his mouth and let it dissolve on his tongue.(2) When this attitude, which maintains duality, is allowed to not be formed, to disappear, to dissolve , to vanish - what is left?(3) He also claimed that because a president does not have the right to dissolve the Assembly, the government is driven into a corner and the administration is not properly managed.(4) Whatever cleaner you decide to use, give the product or solution time to dissolve and degrease shower walls.(5) It is not at all democratic to dissolve an elected assembly before its time has expired.(6) When you notice that the fine particles remain, as slurry on the bottom, and no amount of agitation will get them to dissolve , the solution is now saturated.(7) dissolve a bouillon cube in a pint of hot water(8) Liszt felt a part of him crumble and dissolve , and he suddenly felt empty.(9) And living underwater, they are most sensitive to molecules that dissolve easily in water and can thus be swept into their nasal cavities.(10) Under the 1997 Constitution, Iloilo, as President, can dissolve the elected parliament and call new elections.(11) it only takes 28 days to dissolve a domestic partnership(12) These include the capacity to block legislation, sack governments, dissolve parliament, assume executive power and take control of the armed forces.(13) Under this form of divorce, the woman can dissolve the marriage in the privacy of the home without going to court.(14) The cabinet would also resign, and a junta led by an unnamed general would dissolve the congress.(15) dissolve a stock cube in a pint of hot water(16) dissolve to side view, looking down the street
Related Words
(1) to dissolve ::
1. go into solution ::
সমাধান ঢোকা
2. disappear ::
3. disperse ::
অদৃশ্য করা
4. disband ::
ভঙ্গ করা
5. annul ::
খণ্ডিত করা
6. melt ::
দ্রবীভূত করা
7. fade away ::
9. dismiss ::
খারিজ করা
10. resolve ::
1. appear ::
2. materialize ::
বাস্তবে পরিণত করা
Different Forms
dissolve, dissolved, dissolves, dissolving
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