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Processor - (প্রসেসর) :: Intel has already introduced model numbers for its desktop and notebook processors

Bleep - (বেতারসঙ্কেত) :: After almost an hour and a half had passed an unexpected electronic bleep disturbed the silence


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Several - (বিভিন্ন) :: The young mother moved to Glasgow with her family from Pakistan several years ago

Severe - (তীব্র) :: Interior Ministry Chief Secretary Boiko Borissov has proposed severe punishments for everyone involved in illegal logging

Sew - (সেলাই করা) :: Balzano coaches her kids sews their outfits from scratch and even drives the tour bus

Sewing - (সেলাই) :: Even on the night of Chuns funeral she returns to her sewing

Sex - (লিঙ্গ) :: Shame on these women who dont use their power to help the weaker members of their sex


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What day of the week is it?
আজ সপ্তাহের কোন দিন?

Say a word and you will die
একটা কথা বলবে তো মরবে

The whole day

She’s older than me.
সে আমার চেয়ে বয়সে বড়

He does not come here any more.
সে আর এখনে আসে না


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Larceny - (অপহরণ) :: Twentynine others were arrested for outstanding warrants on charges of burglary larceny and malicious wounding

Lassitude - (নিস্তেজ ভাব) :: You still get the runny nose and cough if youve got them but it gets rid of the aches pains and general uncomfortable lassitude

Latent - (সুপ্ত) :: Thus the combination of obesity with a geneticallybased insulin derangement may reveal latent diabetes

Laud - (প্রশংসা) :: He had sort of a cult following him admiring and lauding his every action


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Carbuncle (পদ্মরাগমণি) :: They can also be made into an antiinflammatory poultice and topically applied for boils and carbuncles

Stadium (স্টেডিয়াম) :: Now most stadiums even Premiership stadiums hold about 30000 people

Strife (শত্রুতা) :: However sometimes strife and conflict help to clear the air and make for better understanding

Tyranny (স্বৈরশাসন) :: General Bate was unwilling to exacerbate local perceptions of military tyranny

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