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Foray - (হানা) :: So what can we learn from this brief and sobering foray into the world of political consulting and roughandtumble politics

Suspect - (সন্দেহভাজন) :: Police suspect there are one or more groups of robbers operating in the area

Damage - (ক্ষতি) :: Motorists have paid the price of deteriorating roads with damage to their vehicles

Detonate - (বিস্ফোরিত হত্তয়া) :: The script uses almost every word as detonative symbol

Reservist - (অতিরিক্ত বাহিনীভুক্ত সৈনিক) :: Such animosity stems from a particularly low level of morale among the Guardsmen and reservists


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Million - (মিলিয়ন) :: There is no way any of us are going to get her an elite card not even if we won a million on the lottery

Mind - (মন) :: Now you mind your manners young man or therell be no meatloaf leftovers for supper

Mine - (খনি) :: More would teach you how to mine for minerals smelt metals process the raw supplies


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What is the area code?
এরিয়া কোড কত?

I don’t have enough money
আমার যথেষ্ট টাকা নাই

You got it?
তুমি বুঝতে পেরেছো?

I am feeling giddy on account of the heat.
গরমে মাথা ঘুরছে

Cut your coat according to your cloth
আয় বুঝে ব্যয় কর


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Platitude - (মামুলি মন্তব্য) :: Gone are some of the moral platitudes and in their place are actual critiques and questions

Plaudit - (প্রশংসাবাদ) ::

Plausibility - (সম্ভরপরতা) ::

Plausible - (বিশ্বাসযোগ্য) :: In every case they are very plausible and gain the confidence of a trusting generation

Plethora - (আধিক্য) :: With the development of plethora the number of reticulated cells in the blood decreased


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Binge (পানোত্সব) :: The worst thing about not being a student anymore is no summer holiday meaning no 5day test binges bingeing on cricket that is no alcohol involved

Spittoon (পিকদানি) :: Out went the spittoons and in came the chandeliers

Gaunt (কৃশ) :: He was gaunt and serious from the start with minimal hand movements and only slightly gesticulating as he dipped into domestic policy issues

Comprise (গঠন করা) :: The 25member team mostly comprises students in their early twenties

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Noun :: কর্ম, আইন, কাজ, অনুশীলন, চাকরি, উদ্দেশ্য, ক্রিয়া, অপারেশন, প্রক্রিয়া, শ্রম, কৃতিত্ব, কৃতি, গঠন, দলিল, পদ্ধতি, কার্যপ্রণালী, মোড, কার্যকলাপ, শক্তি, রিরংসা, ভালবাসা, স্নেহ, কারি, শিল্পী, শিল্প, বিশেষজ্ঞ, অসুবিধা, জটিলতা, আন্দোলন, উদ্বেগ, কর, করণ, দপ্তর, , ফাঁসি, গুণ, গুণন, পুণ্য, মামলা, কেস, কারখানা, কল, শিল্পশালা, আচরণ, আচার, চিকিৎসা, মনোভাব, অন্তর্ঘাত
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