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Groggy - (টলায়মান) :: She brought us shifts and gowns and we slipped into them groggy from grief and lack of sleep

Mind - (মন) :: Now you mind your manners young man or therell be no meatloaf leftovers for supper

Rectitude - (সততা) :: And if they did not know it if they were genuinely convinced of their own rectitude can we call them evil

Tremulous - (ভীরু) :: I drove all over York looking for her says Geoff in a voice still tremulous with anxiety despite having Tessa back by his side in the cosy Cygnet pub in Price Street

Unpleasant - (অপ্রীতিকর) :: Lynndie England however unpleasant is not the the villain of this debacle


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Entire - (সমগ্র) :: I find it best to cache each object on a page separately rather than caching the entire page as a whole

Entirely - (সম্পূর্ণরূপে) :: For the next month he was completely sober focusing entirely on what was happening

Entitle - (আখ্যাত করা) :: Have you claimed all the tax allowances and credits that youre entitled to

Entrance - (প্রবেশদ্বার) :: their entrance into the political arena

Entry - (প্রবেশ) :: While the crowd settled down with the initial bang the star of the show made his entry


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Give me a hand, will you?
আমাকে একটা হাত দাও, দিবা?

How’s the weather?
আবহাওয়াটা কেমন ?

Please allow me to go. / May I go ?
দয়া করে আমাকে যেতে দিন

How old are you?
তোমার বয়স কত?

Black will take no other hue.
কয়লা শত ধুইলেও ময়লা যায় না


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Equivocal - (সন্দেহজনক) :: Note that other interpretations included not only incorrect diagnoses but also interpretations indicative of equivocal results or technical problems

Equivocate - (বাক্চাতুরী করা) :: After kissing the subject he just tapers off equivocates engages in euphemism

Err - (ভ্রম করা) :: The thing is I left last season well satisfied as always but feeling that the Exchange has been erring a little too much on the side of costume drama

Errant - (ভ্রমণরত) :: No search parties are sent out for the errant travellers


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Bigamy (দুই পত্নী গ্রহণ) :: Sharpe on the other hand was recorded as marrying legally in November 1990 before committing her first offence of bigamy the following May

Engineer (প্রকৌশলী) :: If so I can assure you as a practical aeronautical engineer that such a trip is neither fantastic nor impractical

Ungainly (সৌষ্ঠবহীন) :: Another ungainly blow from me and my sword was met with the blade of Conrads sword and was quickly swept aside

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