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Passage - (উত্তরণ) :: Having no quarrel with the medial view of motion Sadra sets out to prove the objective existence of motion as passage

Evangelist - (ধর্মপ্রচারক) :: The indictment claims that the television evangelist failed to report more than 550000 in income over three years beginning in 1998

Republican - (প্রজাতান্ত্রিক) :: Others were noncommittal about the idea of supporting a tribunal into an operation that was once acclaimed within the republican movement


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Difficulty - (অসুবিধা) :: I regarded him as an honest and sensible witness and have no difficulty in believing what he told me

Dig - (খনন করা) :: He didnt seem to mind making cracks likely to earn him a dig in the ribs from his fiance Chanelle whom he subsequently married

Dinner - (ডিনার) :: The new branch will be holding a range of social events including a special dinner

Direct - (সরাসরি) :: They need light but avoid direct sunlight as they may get scorched

Direction - (অভিমুখ) :: Some trends may be apparent but other changes may occur which may contradict the general direction of the trend


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Give me a hug with love
ভালোবেসে আমাকে নাও জরিয়ে

If anything happen I will be at the sharp end.
যদি কিছু ঘটে আমি আটকে যাব

You cooled my mind down with the frost air
হিমেল হাওয়াতে এ মন জুড়ালে গো হয়

I don’t get myself involved in the hassle
আমি ওই ঝামেলায় নিজেকে জড়াইনি

What are you up to?
তুমি কি নিয়ে ব্যস্ত?


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Transcendental - (তুরীয়) :: Of the irrational transcendental numbers pi seems to get all the attention

Transcribe - (নকল করা) :: Surely we cant take him seriously given the G major Concerto he did complete and the D major Concerto he transcribed for flute

Transgress - (অতিক্রম করা) :: In my opinion I was transgressing standards of acceptable female behaviour women are supposed to smile to happily ornament the streets

Transient - (অস্থায়ী) :: Thanks to their dazzling diversity of color furtive nature and transient presence warblers and their fellow neotropical migrants monopolize spring birding

Traverse - (তর্ক করা) :: The access to the feed was adapted to the size of animals with a traverse allowing only one animal to enter


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Ornament (অলঙ্কার) :: it served more for ornament than for protection

Dissent (ভিন্নমত পোষণ করা) :: Historians sometimes make the mistake of thinking that early modern religious dissent argues secularization

Nature (প্রকৃতি) :: I think we need to be careful when we start talking about whether its nature or nurture

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