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Bridge - (সেতু) :: a railway bridge

Steer - (হাল ধরা) :: Cumbrias most popular tourist attraction has a new man at the helm and is looking to steer a course towards future growth

Tee - (টী বর্ণের নাম) :: Stick another tee in the ground an inch beyond the toe and a third of an inch inside the heel

Equitation - (অশ্বারোহণ বিদ্যা) :: Athletes from six counties will be participating in the equestrian competition and events include trailriding equitation and dressage


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Work - (কাজ) :: With remarkable royal originality the Prince first inquired as to Rons line of work

Worker - (কর্মী) :: I got a reputation for being a worker

Working - (কাজ) :: The objective of the project is to research and make a working model of a body system

World - (বিশ্ব) :: He wants us to see his work in precisely the same way we observe the world as we move through it

Worried - (চিন্তিত) :: Think of the last thing that made you feel bad nervous or worried


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The poor seeks food, the rich appetite.
দরিদ্রে আহার খোঁজে, ধনীতে খোঁজে ক্ষুধা

Blessed be your tongue
তোমার মুখে ফুলচন্দন ফুটুক

Shun evil company.
কুসংগ ছাড়

There’s plenty of time
এখনো অনেক সময় আছে

Do not harp on the same thing
এককথা বারবার বলনাতো


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Precarious - (নিরাপত্তাহীন) :: As I looked down from my precarious position next to a pile of honey on top of the Aga I noticed two things

Precedent - (নজির) :: So the planners want to look at what precedent they are setting

Precept - (কর্মবিধি) :: Then the aspirant has her head shaved and takes her first set of precepts 10 training rules

Precinct - (পরিপার্শ্ব) :: So thats part of the reason that Georgia has become the first and only state in the United States to have touchscreen voting in every single precinct in every single county in the state

Precipice - (অতট) :: The route almost continuous Zbends on the edge of precipices is one few drivers are willing to risk


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Flummox (বিহ্বল করা) :: But at the Jinnah in Micklegate this week I was flummoxed

Beneath (তলদেশে) :: The brick pillars pilae supported the floor of the bathhouse and allowed the hot air to circulate beneath

Plebeian (প্রাকৃত) :: The use of colour is striking jumping from violent red and black to smudgy warm interiors that contain artistic treasures or the white utilitarian rooms of plebeian offices

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Adverb :: এর পাশাপাশি, বরাবর, পাশাপাশি, কিনারার দিকে
Meaning :: পাশাপাশি
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