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Four - (চার) :: I read four of the stories

Cricket - (ক্রিকেট) :: Have countries gone to war and have people died in the name of cricket

Puzzle - (ধাঁধা) :: She says the process has been like putting together a jig saw puzzle


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Sympathetic - (সহানুভূতিশীল) :: Before you started your research had you been sympathetic toward the idea of antidepressants

Sympathy - (সহানুভূতি) :: The landed gentry had some sympathy with popular resentment of the activities of moneyed and mercantile entrepreneurs

System - (পদ্ধতি) :: Pakistani players are currently paid per match according to a grading system based on seniority

Table - (টেবিল) :: The first column of the table indicates the signs of the zodiac

Tablet - (ট্যাবলেট) :: Many chest physicians advise patients who are taking steroids to swallow their tablets in the morning because morning dosing is thought to minimise adrenal suppression


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Are you here alone?
এখনে কি তুমি একা?


Teachers have to be respected.
শিক্ষকদের সম্মান করতে হবে

I feel the same way
আমিও এইরকম ভাবি

Do you have a girlfriend?
তোমার কি বান্ধুবি আছে?


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Lassitude - (নিস্তেজ ভাব) :: You still get the runny nose and cough if youve got them but it gets rid of the aches pains and general uncomfortable lassitude

Latent - (সুপ্ত) :: Thus the combination of obesity with a geneticallybased insulin derangement may reveal latent diabetes

Laud - (প্রশংসা) :: He had sort of a cult following him admiring and lauding his every action

Lavish - (ঢের) :: He also lives the kind of lavish lifestyle that also doesnt come cheaply

Lax - (শিথিল) :: And then suddenly the pain was gone diminishing from whence it came she fell lax in his arms her eyes closed in a state of dormancy


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Paste (পেস্ট) :: wallpaper paste

Wound (ক্ষত) :: Section 20 of the Offences Against the Person Act 1861 creates the offence of unlawfully and maliciously wounding or inflicting grievous bodily harm

Erudite (জ্ঞানী) :: The Clinton debate was it turned out an unusually erudite discussion

Linnet (বাদামী বা ধূসর পালকযুক্ত ইউরোপবাসী একজাতীয় পাখি) :: Dried redshank seeds were eaten by the sparrows and linnets

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Noun :: অমসৃণ নুড়ি
Verb :: অমসৃণ নুড়ি
Meaning :: অমসৃণ নুড়ি
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