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:: I have myself on numerous occasions had to brake hard to avoid a dog crossing the street:: Instead he is faced with fake holymen peddling religious enmity and the purblind nouveau riche materialism of his family who bypass the countrys problems in their smart new cars:: As more and more Indian and Pakistani businesses opened along Oak Tree Road and its byroads parking became a contentious issue:: Even the commissionaires on the door who have been there from the days when I first started out always give me a big welcome and I know it will tug at my heart strings when I walk down those marble halls again:: On disembarking from the ship the passengers will be welcomed by music from a local piper and each visitor will be presented with a city map highlighting points of interests:: :: In the background cameras whirred like demented bluebottles adding their drone to the low buzz of conversation:: The engine roared and the instrument panel in front flickered into action:: If so I can assure you as a practical aeronautical engineer that such a trip is neither fantastic nor impractical:: He could feel the wind blowing his bangs backwards and could hear the soft flap of his headband:: a bill indicating that the freight has been paid:: In the heyday of sailing ships all war ships and many freighters carried iron cannons:: Groundattack aircraft and helicopters had become easier to direct than artillery:: The helicopter can fly from critically situated landing spots in adverse climates and from roof helipads in densely populated areas:: Federal safety officials say they have no plans to close the heliports :: There were no dull moments as helmsmen quickly learnt the necessity of anticipating gusts and wind shifts:: I had a close friend who was a police inspector in Manchester another who was with the dog unit in Merseyside:: Tan explores growing unease about the power of brands and of corporate juggernauts :: His squarerigged ship with the cross and bones flying from the mizzenmast was a feared sight in the eyes of captains of merchant barques:: We now wait and see how Pakistani policy makers respond:: The following two sections deal with bus lanes and traffic signal priority respectively:: While aircraft are refueled crews can find a warm meal and a comfortable place to rest:: they could signal displeasure by refusing to cooperate:: A recipe is merely a guide and this books recipes are full of signposts :: The sixinch Veggie Delite submarine has 230 calories and 3 fat grams:: The scenes in the footage resembled those taken by miniature submersible vessels that sometimes appear in science fiction films:: We can grow twice as much timber on our land if the markets tell us to do so:: It was like walking around at the site of a spaceship wreck huge pieces of dismantled machinery everywhere:: Tests are being carried out on wreckage in order to determine what type of missiles they were
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