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:: If you can trailer your boat make sure you store it at a location with an elevation at least 10 feet above expected high water:: There were handsome ships anchored in the harbor manysailed with delicately carved figureheads :: Every Sunday the beach buggy riders come to the strand in cars and vans and spend the afternoon zooming up and down the shoreline between Beale and Littor Strands when the tide is out:: The ship careens in front of the bow and off to the port side:: You decide to take on new opportunities that enhance your career :: The troops then dropped smoke bombs into the sewers through the manholes :: He wasnt authorized to do so but he had installed a pair of Laser Canons on his fore stern:: Only the security levy and landing fees for smaller aircraft at peak times have increased:: There was a potentially serious risk to aircraft aircrews and air operations from possible collisions as well as impact on the operational effectiveness of the base:: The money being offered by English agents who toured Ireland during 194042 recruiting labour for the airdromes proved very attractive particularly as they also paid expenses to the workers to get to their destinations:: But perhaps more significantly the move reflects the growing ability of discount airlines to dictate airfares :: Forays were also made to Yugoslavia Bulgaria and Greece to bomb airfields and ports used by the Germans:: The engines camshaft drives the pump pistons through a roll rocker arm:: Social democrats from the New Democratic Party consistently opposed the states development strategy as did a wing of the Liberal Party:: Produced by manufacturers that Detroit had in some cases taught to build cars these fuelefficient runabouts caught the Big Three by surprise just as the oil crisis did:: Last year Johnny Depp played a pirate sailing the high seas:: After the great crash of October 1987 the biggest single day drop in Wall Street history the market took less than two years to recover the lost ground:: It looks as if our leaders are listening to the poor that they are using the opportunity provided by electioneering to gauge the public mood:: Our footballers are too stupid to tell the difference between smack and steroids and havent a clue where to score either:: He plays a vital role travelling ahead of us to check our intended route is safely passable and helping anyone who falls overboard :: For a change he hadnt been sea sick even having to share a six berth cabin throbbing with the heat and noise of the engine deep in the bowels of the ferry:: Drake closed his eyes tightly as the voice in his head reverberated around his skull :: Public rights of way across the railway line between Brockenhurst and Ashurst will be suspended and bridges and underpasses not on public roads will be closed:: More than one third agreed improvements needed to be made to road and pavement repairs and street cleaning:: They proceeded to fly at ridiculous and dangerous speeds around moored yachts and trawlers in their powerboats and jet skis and not a single lifejacket among them and no sign of anyone being around to stop them:: A semitractor and trailer jackknifed coming down the icy hill on Northeast North Woodinville Way at about the 14500 block
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