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:: Ballets use of point shoes is not intended to cripple the dancers feet:: Voskhod capsules also had larger parachutes to permit ground landings:: We now have a box actually bag recycling scheme in our block for textiles paper cardboard glass and tins:: It helps to have more than one communication system like intercoms telephones and radios according to Layne:: This guidance system reads gyroscopes and accelerometers and sends appropriate commands to attitude control thrusters:: On both floors are the desks of the staff working on the news programme website and radio station:: The first European to discover New Zealand was Abel Tasman a navigator for the Dutch East India Company in 1642:: In its more than 300year history the Russian navy has given rise to many glorious professional traditions:: She opened it and found a young hotel valet standing outside with their baggage:: And then the female grabbed my right arm and dragged me across the street and up the curb :: Of course this means a radical departure from current planning processes:: I then noticed that I was getting very shy bites that were barely moving the float :: Expert climbers they spend much of the daylight hours sleeping and sunbathing in trees:: The increased dimensions mean that interior space is maximised with 56 mm extra legroom in the rear and a boot capacity of 267 litres:: A similar blowout event also occurred in the onshore Seria Field in 1953:: I heard a very loud smack and my eyes went directly to the front of the room:: :: Between 1964 and 1996 Kenyans won 33 Olympic medals including nine golds:: The experts and the central bank will discuss possible ways to curb lending growth:: But it was not until her husband Merrick a taxi driver returned from work around midnight that police were alerted:: The company saw its milk sales rocket from 600000 cartons to 42 million bottles weekly:: Most of the main roads and highways in the city are high enough to have escaped the flooding:: The traditional graduation fare of strawberries and cream was served to all who attended:: :: I felt a small tug pull my robe I turned to face a small child staring up at me:: The old buildings narrow corridors stairs and lifts were intended to be similar to those of ships
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