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:: Oasis is the nonprofit international consortium that has been providing open solutions for electronic data interchange since 1993:: While her parents shopped Kate can remember sitting outside with Johnny and Alice their feet in the gutter of the unpaved street:: Hes a good bloke and a nice guy not like some moonfaced yuppie kleptocrats I can name:: How many inches equal a yard is not something subject to daily fluctuations on the free or any other market:: The pilot can control roll tipping the wings pitch raising and lowering the nose and yaw rotating the aircraft as though it were turning left or right while still on the ground:: a firstclass compartment:: This morning I painted the radiator in that room:: Fischli and Weiss are known for their use of humble stuff that is in headlong flight from rareness and highness and these photos were no exception:: Its steady amiable temperament makes it a dependable guide dog for the blind :: He guns for his fourth straight victory since the addition of blinkers :: whose break is it:: unleaded petrol:: a water sign:: military station:: What were talking about is a middy of beer or a small glass of wine or a single measure of spirits:: the local sink school:: The River Lea has been an important navigable waterway into London for over 500 years and during the 18th century the navigation was much improved with new cuts and locks:: This time around I got into the drivers seat and had Landon with me to navigate while the others whispered and giggled maniacally in the backseat:: The ship will be fitted with airsurface search and navigation radars:: The team will use three icebreakers as it tries to take cores from the Lomonosov Ridge between Siberia and Greenland:: In addition to nicotine cigarette smoke is primarily composed of gases mainly carbon monoxide and tar :: With this it purchased some new furnishings including a suite of furniture and bed mattresses:: He loved the squeal of smoking tires the roar of the engine and the thrill of a hairpin turn in a power drift:: Sally spent countless hours in front of the tube last season watching the games she was unable to attend in person:: That analysis provided an anchor for negotiations:: To be sure the titles of the paintings could provide some anchorage and steer the inquiry away from a purely phenomenological reading since they seem to suggest that there is a meaning a hidden agenda:: its going to take more wind to make this boat keel over:: We paddled a dugout canoe across the river to the village burial ground where the bodies of these tiny victims of the fossil fuel industry lay
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