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:: On 12 August it began attacks on airfields and aerodromes in southern England:: The No24 was looking for balance between aerodynamics and mechanical grip:: Ironically the dunes remaining are not the ones from which the famous aeronauts tried their flying machines:: They were bright young men at ease in Western society and with an interest in engineering and aeronautics :: :: She made high grades in math and science so was set on a career path of aerospace engineering:: Making your way over the cattle grid down the treelined avenue to Pittodrie House you can feel quite giddy with the sudden outset of countryside syndrome:: The civil aviation authority has no real powers other than the civil and commercial airtraffic:: Soon we drifted into the comfort of two experienced aviators and basic definitions werent necessary:: They were higher than any other boat when the little ship gave a lurch downwards and uttered a slow groan:: The Escort came back with 254 miles on the clock :: Players should also show respect and courtesy to coaches:: It was the kind of setting that summons one to do nothing at all and I was working toward that goal when around the headland appeared the silhouette of a small cutter beating in from the open sea:: The beauty of Japanese blades and their legendary cutting ability has fostered much imitation:: My mother was in the background that afternoon doing the brunch dishes and offering more coffee weeding the garden and filling the bird feeder :: Elsewhere dune sounds have been likened to drums foghorns and trumpets among other things:: the car can hold six people:: Lets have a twoweek break and go on holiday next January:: St Kitts is a popular destination for holidaymakers who are drawn by its stunning beaches and tropical forests:: Tonight again snow falls on the mountains and moors :: So would more widespread use of bicycles and mopeds to freeup road space:: Sundays referendum to ram through a new constitution:: he handed her a twist of paper:: Our testing in Denver makes me believe were on the verge of breaking through:: Fisheries science has long argued that whalers were killing too many whales and that their numbers were dwindling alarmingly:: Government has recently asked communities throughout Atlantic Canada to take over responsibility for ports and wharves
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