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:: I always return from weekend workshops with major pep in my step looking forward to rather than dreading my next day at work:: Their friend usually had a spring of peppiness in her voice:: Beyond the grey light was coming and going as clouds chased each other across the face of the moon:: So he has no need to worry about domestic discontent with his regime and the external pressure from the crisis has faded considerably:: Of course not everyone has the pluck to become an entrepreneur and most businesses fail before they get off the starting block:: Alas his pluckiness leads to disaster In 1934 his body is discovered on Everest at 21000 feet:: He sat down without a sound on the worn wood and lifted his feet off the cold ground his arms going around his knees:: Think of the last thing that made you feel bad nervous or worried :: Do not schedule anything on the retreat except morning and evening worship and meals:: The bitterness and acid in his voice reassured me Peter was still in there but he was very very upset:: I could also extend effective protection to upright officers who happened to displease powerful politicians:: Its about orneriness and crotchetiness and the petty conservativism of people who regard themselves as guardians of some sort of literary establishment but havent really got a very good eye for syntactic generalizations:: Im not saying childrens entertainment has to be loud flashy and percussive far from it:: I have a lot of loudmouths working for me so I get feedback:: A plate of aluminium about fifteen millimetres thick though it enfeebled the action seriously did not cause the fluorescence to disappear entirely:: Apart from my heart was swelling so much I thought it may explode all my mental pain was gone:: As soon as he saw the gate in front of him he put the car into drive and started driving toward it:: If the number in the second column is odd divide it by two and drop the remainder:: The boy stifled a sigh of annoyance but told himself to remain patient:: Whittling something down to its essentials gladdens my editors heart:: When I picked her up from her first school dance she was strangely subdued and even shaken:: I let it sit there for a second or two and then ask myself if the wine tastes sweet bitter salty etc:: So remember the other day when I was blabbering about how I made a CD to help me sort of zone out when trying to achieve an outofbody experience:: On Monday September 13 we found that the glass had been smashed again so the council has to now believe that it is just stupid wanton vandalism:: Having claimed his full attention she sighed aloud quite dejectedly :: Dont let the field get socked in with early morning fog or a decreasing ceiling when you no longer have enough fuel to get to your divert base
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