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:: Ballets use of point shoes is not intended to cripple the dancers feet:: On the train from Swansea to Carmarthen I sat next to a mobile phone addict :: Pups leave the den 4 or 5 weeks after birth and are fully weaned by 8 to 10 weeks:: Angry mindless drones swarm in and complain about the review because theyre too dense to realize its a joke:: Theres festive fun and frolics with Boycie and Marlene in John Sullivans popular Only Fools And Horses spinoff:: On the opener Those Dancing Days Are Gone William Butler Yeats she uses the guitar like shes talking frolicsomely to a friend:: Taking out a beer he popped it open and guzzled it down in one large gulp:: Patients expected competent nursing care and clear consistent communication and coordination between members of the healthcare team:: Rejoicing is something we should all do for a long list of reasons:: If you are buying only to flip the property quickly you need to be absolutely certain the salesmen really deliver what they say:: Between the two extremes of dogmatic adherence and blithe indifference to the text of the Constitution lies a reasonable and legal resolution:: There is blatantly far too much pampering these days of egos founded not on a record of achievement but on the bloated salaries considered normal amid the lunatic values that have invaded the national sport:: Possessive vain and selfabsorbed she stifled him until he said he could no longer stand women:: :: social services is trying to satisfy the needs of so many different groups:: We should be working these refs with wily cunning :: :: Your average city worker is very adept at avoiding anyone who looks like they might be giving out leaflets:: This is precisely because it is a multireligious country with substantial segments of the population professing various religions like Islam Christianity Sikhism and Buddhism:: As expected there is a transferral of hatred from the sin to the sinner:: Obviously we were petrified that a collector would find out where the nest was and raid it:: The presidents closest advisor recklessly betrays a state secret for petty revenge:: Few Great Lakes bird or fish species eat zebras directly but another Eurasian invader the round goby gobbles them up :: In the 1999 series Resolutions Chicago continues to address the audience she has created of mainly middle and workingclass women an audience easily dismissed by both highbrows and lowbrows:: The next day was as boring mundane unexciting humdrum dull tedious uneventful and monotonous as usual:: Imagine being in a bed next to those two dullards :: At present you spend your lives in sordid labour your abode in filthy slums your children hunger and your masters say your slavery must endure forever:: He was angry now sore as a skunk and with enough whisky inside him to keep Jim Beam going for ten years or so
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