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English to Bengali Dictionary: gasp
Meaning and definitions of gasp, translation in Bengali language for gasp with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of gasp in Bengali and in English language.

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What gasp means in Bengali, gasp meaning in Bengali, gasp definition, examples and pronunciation of gasp in Bengali language.

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Stunt - (বাড়িতে না দেত্তয়া) :: The team consists of six daring riders who perform a whole range of stunts from high jumps to wheelies on motorcycles quad bikes and threewheelers

Ending - (শেষ) :: There are certain nerve endings that extend from the spine to the arms legs hands feet and all over the body

Miscellanea - (টুকরা-টাকরা) :: miscellanea derived from a job lot of anthropological monographs

Semiquaver - (semiquaver) :: One recurrent motif I noted in the book of 1980 was the group of eight quavers or semiquavers beginning off the beat a simple signature

Stuntman - (stuntman) :: No matter how sophisticated the technology becomes its unlikely that CGI actors will ever be able to take the abuse the stuntmen do in some movies


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Circle - (বৃত্ত) :: Were sitting in his spacious living room which is furnished with two couches and a dozen plastic green chairs arranged in a circle

Circumstance - (পরিস্থিতিতে) :: It was a poorly paid job and he was brought up in financially difficult circumstances

Citizen - (নাগরিক) :: And selfless sons and daughters grow up to become selfless citizens of the world

City - (শহর) :: But we do not accept this fate with the torpor of other city dwellers

Civil - (বেসামরিক) :: With the birth of civil and military aviation in the early 1900s the focus of weather intelligence shifted from ballistics studies to aviation support


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Proletarian - (বিত্তহীন) :: Illustrations moreover might undermine the authors attempt to describe the depersonalized process or facelessness of proletarianization

Proliferate - (প্রচুর সংখ্যায় স্বীয় বংশবৃদ্ধি) :: Flies homozygous for such hypomorphic mutations reach adulthood but often exhibit defects during the proliferative stages of gametogenesis

Prolific - (উর্বর) :: From Cape Wrath to Campbeltown once prolific river systems have been denuded of their most precious asset

Prominent - (বিশিষ্ট) :: Not surprisingly given his prominent position and family name racing and horses have always played a major part in Derbys life


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Matrix (জরায়ু) :: The group currently meets twice each year and has developed a matrix of problem areas and topics for open discussion

Distribution (বিতরণ) :: the distribution of wealth

Riviera (ইটালির ভূমধ্যসাগরীয় তটভূমি অঞ্চল) :: Trieste sits on the Italian riviera near the Slovenian border and at the foot of the Alps terraced with peach coloured villas

Cerulean (সুনীল) :: She let the crimson sleeves of her dress drop to the polished floor as she stepped out of her room and leaned over the side looking at the miles of cerulean water

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