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Aside from    :সরাইয়া থেকে


Aside - সরাইয়া

From - থেকে

English to Bengali Dictionary: aside from
Meaning and definitions of aside from, translation in Bengali language for aside from with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of aside from in Bengali and in English language.

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What aside from means in Bengali, aside from meaning in Bengali, aside from definition, examples and pronunciation of aside from in Bengali language.

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Spook - (ভূত) :: It somewhat spooked Russell according to the liner notes

Vivacious - (প্রাণবন্ত) :: Foreign girls are vivacious flirtatious open minded and fun

Berserk - (পাগল) :: I was there at his first fashion show and people went berserk

Downcast - (হতাশ) :: I studied her downcast eyes and continued Who did these then


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Feed - (ভোজন) :: The rubber grinding machine includes a feed tube a grinding module a conveyor a screening module and a vacuum system

Feel - (মনে) :: I feel better and more capable and more attractive now than I have ever felt in my life

Feeling - (অনুভূতি) :: she had a great feeling for poetry

Fellow - (সহকর্মী) :: One man a large fellow with arms like steel girders stormed towards them demanding to know what they were doing

Female - (মহিলা) :: The baby boomer audience mainly female hung on his every note nuance and gesture


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Magnate - (ধনশালী ব্যক্তি) :: Stephen was brought up at the court of his uncle Henry I becoming one of the wealthiest of the AngloNorman magnates

Maladroit - (জবুথবু) :: In the 1930s and in the 1960s all sorts of maladroit stodgy unions did quite well

Malady - (রোগ) :: He aged with dignity despite kidney disease and other maladies

Malapropism - (শব্দের অপপ্রয়োগ) :: At a White House ceremony where he signed the 417 billion defense spending bill for the 2005 fiscal year Bush uttered another of his celebrated malapropisms

Malediction - (অভিশাপপ্রদান) :: Typically a hereditary or maledictive wereking cobra will simply flee at the sound of such music returning at a later time when its prey is unaware


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Unflinching (অপ্রতিহত) :: He had once more affirmed its unflinching commitment to truth and justice above all else

Impish (দুষ্ট) :: Lisa has a certain impishness to her character that explains the smirks quite sufficiently on its own

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Verb :: পরাভূত করা, ঘুম পাড়ান, পরাজয়, পটকান, কিংকর্তব্যবিমূঢ় করা, নিবারণ করা, পালান, ঠেকান, অনুপ্রস্থ, ব্যাহত করা, Loading..., হতবুদ্ধি করা
Adjective :: হতাশ, মরিয়া, মনমরা, কম, পরাভূত করা
Meaning :: পরাভূত করা,
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