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Adventism :: Adventism

English to Bengali Dictionary: Adventism
Meaning and definitions of Adventism, translation in Bengali language for Adventism with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of Adventism in Bengali and in English language.

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What Adventism means in Bengali, Adventism meaning in Bengali, Adventism definition, examples and pronunciation of Adventism in Bengali language.

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Windbreak - (গাছের সারি) :: Greg passed on snow survival techniques which include digging trenches to create windbreaks and making snow caves for overnight shelter if you become stranded

Labourer - (শ্রমিক) :: Officials said that the labourers lived in overcrowded conditions with no proper sanitation facilities

Storm - (ঝড়) :: But the man at the center of the storm sits calmly in his office just a few doors down from the presidents playing down reports of a rift

Grassland - (কেদার) :: Agricultural lands rainforests and other wooded areas grasslands and sources of fresh water are all at risk

Island - (দ্বীপ) :: Cuba is an island nation located on the northern rim of the Caribbean Sea


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Young - (তরুণ) :: young tree

Your - (তোমার) :: All you have to do is find a user name decide on a password and give them your email address

Yours - (আপনার) :: Arent you curious to see how a child of yours will turn out

Yourself - (নিজেকে) :: you can tell him yourself

Youth - (যৌবন) :: I guess I worry about talking about youth culture generally because I think its such a small slice of youth culture


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Predicament - (বিধেয়) :: However I give credit to them for choosing to turn what could have been cliched confrontation scenes into smarter more unusually human and complex situations sitcom predicaments made realistic

Predilection - (পক্ষপাত) :: I cant take any credit for it its just about helping people understand their own predilections

Preeminent - (সর্বশ্রেষ্ঠ) ::

Prerogative - (বিশেষ ক্ষমতা) :: His theory of democracy in which an assembly of citizens would exercise sovereign prerogative was clearly inadequate

Presage - (পূর্বসূচনা) :: the fever was a sombre presage of his final illness


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Whimper (ঘ্যানঘ্যান) :: The question is will he go out with a whimper or a bang

Aghast (বিস্ময়ে হতবুদ্ধি) :: He would be aghast at the spread of materialism and greed and angry at our indifference to poverty and deprivation

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