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নালিশের কারণ, প্রতিনিধিত্ব
অভিযোগ, নালিশ, আরজি, নালিশের ভিত্তি, দোষ, নিন্দা, কলঙ্ক, অনুযোগ, উপদেশ

Accusation    :অভিযোগ


Accusation - অভিযোগ

Accusations :: অভিযোগ


Related Words

1. false accusation :: অপবাদকে


1. allegation :: অভিযোগ

2. charge :: অভিযোগ

3. accusal :: অভিযোগ

Different forms

accusation, accusations

English to Bengali Dictionary: accusation
Meaning and definitions of accusation, translation in Bengali language for accusation with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of accusation in Bengali and in English language.

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What accusation means in Bengali, accusation meaning in Bengali, accusation definition, examples and pronunciation of accusation in Bengali language.

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