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:: Cigarette filters which can last up to 100 years are designed to absorb tar and other chemicals from the cigarette:: Variation within a population is due to the presence of multiple alleles of a gene:: They also contain chlorophyll a the same photosynthetic pigment that plants use:: The outer layer of the abaxial epidermis contains sunken stomata with strongly fluorescing chloroplasts in the guard cells:: He was also interested to find out if colligations might change over time which would have to be done using diachronic corpora:: health authorities contract a hospital to treat a specific number of patients:: But there is really nothing of contrivance about it:: Molecular electronics designing carbonbased molecules to act as wires diodes transistors and other microelectronic devices is one of the most dynamic frontiers in nanotechnology:: The embryo matures and the seed accumulates storage products acquires desiccation tolerance and loses water:: Even well into this century versions of this dire belief that ones bodily supply of energy could be squandered by sexual emissions hung on:: Dieselfuelled vehicles are not included among the better buys as particles emitted are a threat to health:: The material provides a foundation for critical analysis:: The apparatus of algebraic geometry is built upon polars and these upon distances:: Investigators seemed baffled by the theft as guards patrol the premises at night and there is tight security inside including infrared systems and cameras:: Since relatives often share a common environment the inheritability of a disease can also be assessed by comparing concordance rates for a disease in monozygotic and dizygotic twins:: The tables of logarithms which he published included logarithms of trigonometric functions for use by astronomers:: Primitive Pythagorean triangles are a bit like prime numbers in that every integer is either prime or a multiple of a prime:: multiply fourteen by nineteen:: Not every person who is prowar or antigun control is a prolife antigay religious nut :: It had two slabs of TNT over the chest and in the small of the back and was made of blue nylon :: This results in a plasma of free protons and electrons:: At the same time AmEx will step up its drive to wean large companies and small businesses from checks to corporate plastic :: :: The revamp also aims to encourage people to stay in the city centre before and after a trip to the theatre or the Winter Gardens by making the square an attraction in its own right:: A structure built into the tower was in front of me as Kenshin opened the glass doors for me:: In addition there is growing recognition of abiotic organic synthesis in various geological materials:: The philosophy of intrinsic exercise is my own but it is based on years of scientific research that I have synthesized to create a whole new way of thinking about fitness:: This will become the first housing scheme in the UK to be communally heated with piped hot water from a single boiler fuelled by waste wood from local timber
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