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:: In short his interest in classical algebra and number theory brought him to abstract semigroups:: It is not rocket science just simple arithmetic :: Mark stepped in between Scott and me and put a protective arm in front of me:: She assembled an impressive array of photographs and memorabilia from the former residents and their descendants:: Further on the grey shape of a roof and chimney showed over the rise:: The comparatively high thermal expansivity of aluminium leads to looseness unless the steel has a similar coefficient of expansion:: It is certainly a socialist experiment in that it destroys individuality:: Almost no dinosaur fossils have been found from that time particularly in North America:: The new analysis confirmed the existence of 1098 proteincoding genes on the X chromosome:: He sells the electricity from his methanefired generator to his utility for 725 cents per kilowatt hour:: To date the genetic debate has taken place in the language of the newspaper headline:: The genomes of mammals include genes that have been duplicated throughout evolutionary history:: The lines are for when the cost of genotyping a single marker is expressed in the units of the cost of rearing:: From this we observe that the rows of numerators and denominators of the terms in the SternBrocot tree are computed independently of each other:: There are a few exceptions to this pattern most famously in seahorses where females have an ovipositor which places unfertilized ova into the males pouch for insemination:: They suggest that In fact if mutant recessivity were not general it would throw considerable doubt on the whole of enzymology and the study of intermediary metabolism:: If the chain has not fallen off the sprocket wheel its movement may be obstructed by something:: Less friction also reduces the stress imposed on the material:: its too easyit doesnt stretch me:: The two of us decided this was a good time to switch roles he would be the hoist operator and I would be the swimmer:: Other scientists made various plaster derivatives artificial silks and thermoplastics :: Most staff being laid off worked on the factory floor assembling the thermostats and power regulators:: He has recently completed a doctoral thesis at the University of Exeter:: European machines which operate on electrical standards different from those of US machines require transformers to step voltages up or down:: More than television in its infancy a socializing machine that involved the whole family the transistor radio helped define boomers as a separate even secessionist generation:: Next door to the proposed site is a massive electrical substation with overhead power cables carrying 33000 volts :: These devices need two external ceramic capacitors to produce stable efficient positive voltages :: The reference electrode consisted of a second silversilver chloride electrode placed over an area of abraded skin on the forearm again connected to the voltmeter
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