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:: The solutions exhibited strong alkaline pH values for slag and washed slag while the pH of the soil solution of garden mould was only slightly alkaline:: Traffic incidents included 15 motor accidents 30 cases of traffic obstruction and 16 illegally parked cars:: The Scottish electricity network is strong in the central belt but in areas such as the Galloway hills and the north west the same cant be said:: The 2000strong police and military force arrived in the Solomons two weeks ago:: My bets are on number three to win and Im almost positive that she will:: Yet isnt prosopopeia a rhetorical device that is found as a matter of course in all poetry:: His fall was postponed just long enough for the first blow to connect with his right side lifting him off his feet for an instant:: The peptide was frozen in place while the lipids and water were briefly allowed to relax around it:: Clinical assessments of the venous ulcers based on the criteria of the severity scale were performed and each ulcer was assigned a severity index score:: Market signs indicate this trend will continue to be important in the future:: For many women the first indication of pregnancy is a missed period:: True some laboratory rats developed tumours after being fed relatively large amounts daily for two years:: Outer fabric interfacings linings shoulder pads and finishes all react differently when washed:: The electrons that are shared by the atoms to form the bond belong to one of these molecular orbitals:: A diamond is a perfect crystal lattice while the graphite arrangement is more random:: Organic and inorganic particles suspended in the water surrounding the inhalant aperture are brought in by the current and caught in the mucus lining the demibranchs:: In his two games since serving a onegame team suspension Buckhalter has carried the ball six times for only 11 yards:: His first works are called the Eclogues a collection of pastoral poetry done in the same meter as the Aeneid dactylic hexameter:: By raising the dam water levels would reach a point where they would flood many of the beachfront properties that sit close to the lake shore:: A yellow ray of flowers appears on a long fleshy hollow stem:: a rayon skirt:: Already cloning embryos using aborted foetuses gene swapping and gene therapy will mean the long term impacts will be immense on our everyday living:: But in the very same essay Macaulay supposes Bacon the man to be thoroughly deceitful selfseeking and lacking in moral fibre :: Most new garage door openers have builtin security codes that are hard for crooks to crack electronically:: Strain it into fizzy drink bottles making sure you screw the cap on tight:: With a stunning array of products the exhibition gives us the feel of a resilient people and their culture:: They used to be frequently invoked as an inspiring example of heroic resistance to injustice and oppression:: Distributions of important variables were graphed and summary statistics calculated
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