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gasping - /gasp/ - gæsp, gɑsp

gasping = মুমুর্ষু (Adj.)

English to English meaning of 'gasping'

1. breathing laboriously or convulsively

Examples of 'gasping'

1. She had the crowd of about 15,000 laughing, gasping and nodding their heads. Read Article
2. A man emerges gasping from a bathtub filled with a viscous black liquid. Read Article
3. bring so much misery to the very people of the country is beyond gasping ! Read Article
4. He said when he found his son at the school, the boy was gasping for air. Read Article
5. Wheezing, rapid breathing or gasping for air may be seen in emergency cases. Read Article

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Authorize = অনুমোদন করা
Authorized = প্রাধিকৃত (Adj.), অনুমোদিত (Adj.)
Autism = বহির্বিমুখিতা , আত্মমগ্নতা রোগ , অসুস্থ কল্পনামগ্নতা
Autistic = অটিস্টিক
Auto = মোটরগাড়ি
Auto-collimating = স্বতোক্ষ
Auto-recorder = স্বয়ং লিপিকর
Auto-collimation = স্বতোক্ষীভবন
Auto-suggestion = স্বাভিভাবন

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