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1. Abattoir (কসাইখানা) :: However the most iniquitous means of reducing the price is the dressing specification adopted by abattoirs
2. Airlift (বিমানপোতে বহন) :: A Canadian naval officer has died despite being airlifted from his stormbattered submarine
3. Arctic (উত্তর মেরু সঙক্রান্ত) ::
4. Bake (সেকা) :: The blazing hot sun continued to bake the entire landscape at a consistent 102 degrees
5. Booster (সহায়তাকারী) :: Antenna booster for areas with weak signals are another good choice
6. Bull (ষাঁড়) :: Soon after arriving he had Phang Lamphoon mate with Phrai Num Sek a bull elephant he described as a magnificent animal with a fine strong and healthy form
7. Constellation (ঋক্ষ) :: North of Orion lies a pentagon of stars which mark the constellation Auriga the brightest of which is Capella
8. Creek (খাঁড়ি) :: Her lion tail flicked idly behind her as she walked towards the nearby creek
9. Day (দিন) :: By day I was glued to my walkman walking round in a daze listening to the show
10. Daybreak (ভোর) :: The show began officially on Thursday morning before daybreak
11. Daylight (দিবালোক) :: The shades structure excludes direct sunlight but allows diffuse daylight to pass through
12. Downpour (প্রবল বর্ষণ) :: Some supercells produce little rain others downpours that can cause flash floods
13. Downstream (স্রোতে ভাসন্ত) :: The other 20 shared common ownership with the downstream processing or marketing stages
14. Filly (শিশু ঘোটকী) :: Nearly all of the top runners sired by Kris were fillies and mares and Harrison said the late stallions legacy would be left on the breed through his daughters
15. Fork (কাঁটাচামচ) :: For now though its just an oncoming fork in the road nothing I can do about it as the entire process is entirely out of my hands
16. Greenhouse (গ্রিনহাউজ) :: Mangoes and nectarines were grown in the heated greenhouses
17. Harvest (ফসল) :: Chile is one of the countries closest to toothfish territory and catches and exports a large share of the toothfish harvest
18. Landing (অবতরণ) :: Wed go through the main door of the museum then we went down the first lot of stairs to a landing and then there was another flight
19. Livestock (পশুসম্পত্তি) :: No animals or livestock were involved in the process of these sonic experiments
20. Nuclear (পারমাণবিক) :: Well look at whether this country is doing enough and spending enough to prepare for a nuclear attack
21. Overhead (মাথার উপরে) :: He has dozens of armed policemen after him and helicopters overhead
22. Prairie (বৃক্ষহীন তৃণভূমি) :: In 1708 the area around their towns consisted of open oak woodlands savannas and prairies
23. Runt (ছোটজাতির বলদ) :: The stalks that remain support runty shriveled buds
24. Spot (অকুস্থল) :: She is making her weekly trip into Wellington for a spot of shopping
25. Straw (খড়) :: I will draw straw s to determine who will answer which of the questions
26. Stream (প্রবাহ) :: I spat out a stream of the clear liquid quickly before tumbling out of the bathtub face first as I surfaced
27. Swell (চিতান) :: During a major swell surfable waves might break beyond the ends of the rocks
28. Swelter (অতিশয় ঘামা) :: Given the extreme heat during most of the year these homes are often swelteringly hot
29. Volcanic (আগ্নেয়গিরি-সংক্রান্ত) :: This caused thermal uplift of Scotland and the East Shetland platform and volcanic activity

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