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Smelt :
স্মেল্ট, মতস্যবিশেষঘ্রাতধাতুর-আকর গলানো - স্মেল্টস্মেল্টস্মেল্টগলানোরস্মেল্টধাতু বিগলনস্মেল্ট
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Noun(1) small cold-water silvery fish; migrate between salt and fresh water(2) small trout-like silvery marine or freshwater food fishes of cold northern waters
Verb(1) inhale the odor of; perceive by the olfactory sense(2) emit an odor(3) smell bad(4) have an element suggestive (of something(5) become aware of not through the senses but instinctively(6) extract (metals

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(1) Since charcoal was traditionally used to smelt iron from its ore, some carbon was always incorporated into the metallic product by chance.(2) The Brown Pelican's diet consists almost entirely of fish such as smelt and anchovies.(3) The deforestation was especially expensive to the Norse Greenlanders because they required charcoal in order to smelt iron to extract iron from bogs.(4) Without charcoal we wouldn't have been able to smelt the metals that helped transform early man into the technological man we are today.(5) Once upon a time, long, long ago, the tribal craftsmen of India knew how to smelt iron of such purity that it never rusted.(6) It was more difficult to use coal where higher temperatures were needed to smelt metals, for the fuel came into contact with the ores and introduced impurities.(7) I wouldn't want to live under any other arrangement, but it only can only create alloys are as good or bad as the raw ore that's fed into the smelter .(8) Over two millennia these Mesopotamian cities developed the art of copper smelting , alloying bronze and, most importantly, writing.(9) The Coalbrookdale Company had smelted its last iron in the area by 1821, and that year had dismantled the Resolution steam engine that pumped water up the dale to power the furnace bellows.(10) Belonging to a more elite corps, they promoted the railway by actively participating in the modernisation of the steel industry, creating English-style forges and a renaissance in smelting furnaces.(11) ÔÇÿThis very important site is one of only a handful of water-powered iron smelting furnaces in the country,ÔÇÖ said John Hodgson, LDNPA senior archaeologist.(12) To make smalt, cobalt ore is smelted , and the resulting cobalt oxide poured into molten glass.(13) Ventilation of the spaces on the south end, where gold and silver were smelted , apparently had turned out to be inadequate; the third floor was designed to correct that problem.(14) Larger salmon eat a variety of fishes such as herring and alewives, smelts , capelin, small mackerel, sand lace, and small cod.(15) Baits are normally small smelts , sardines or roach.(16) Bricks have always been used for years by the construction industry, and for lining of ore smelting furnaces.
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1. smelt ::
Different Forms
smelt, smelted, smelter, smelters, smelting, smelts
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