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Polyandry    :বহুভর্তৃকত্ব


Polyandry - বহুভর্তৃকত্ব



1. polyandry :: বহুভর্তৃকত্ব

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English to Bengali Dictionary: polyandry
Meaning and definitions of polyandry, translation in Bengali language for polyandry with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of polyandry in Bengali and in English language.

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What polyandry means in Bengali, polyandry meaning in Bengali, polyandry definition, examples and pronunciation of polyandry in Bengali language.

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Pupil - (পুতলি) :: I met a past pupil this morning

Purchase - (ক্রয়) :: Not having experienced the desperation of oppression we have little purchase on the extremism it might engender

Pure - (বিশুদ্ধ) :: Care was taken to use pure water in the chamber because most contaminants tend to lower the water vapor pressure

Purely - (বিশুদ্ধরূপে) :: This implies that our findings perhaps cannot be explained purely in terms of the placebo effect


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Tendentious - (উদ্দেশ্যমূলক) :: The statistics quoted are highly selective and tendentious

Tender - (কোমল) :: There is a range of juicy tender steaks and chicken dishes

Tentative - (সম্ভাব্য) :: Without the weight of the anklets she felt as though she were floating each step was like a tentative attempt at takeoff

Tenuous - (পাতলা) :: Tens of thousands of pastoralists are in a chronic war with bandits and each other in this semiarid region where land and water resources have tenuously supported their nomadic way of life for centuries


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Adjective :: অদ্ভুত, কৌতুহলী, বিজোড়, জিজ্ঞাসু, জেরা, উন্মার্গগামী, অনাচারী, বিরল, , বিস্ময়কর, অভূতপূর্ব, অস্বাভাবিক, পূর্বদৃষ্টান্তহীন, নির্লিপ্ত, অনুভূতিহীন, অনাকর্ষণীয়, নিরূত্সুক
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