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Dirk :
ডীর্ক্, ছোরা - ডীর্ক্ডীর্ক্ডার্কস
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Noun(1) a relatively long dagger with a straight blade

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(1) He sheared the barrel from a man's gun and drove his dirk into the man's stomach.(2) He wanted to run Marcs through with a blade, be it a scimitar, a sword, a dirk , a dagger, a knife, an axe or an arrow.(3) Witness the growth of knives from the dirk to shortsword to huge English broadsword.(4) It was a dirk, a dirk of much better make than his own or any he'd ever hope to own, and it shimmered red-gold in the woven sunlight.(5) What the Greek kopus was to the sarissa and the Roman pugio was to the gladius, so too was the French gauche to the sabre, the Spanish daga to the espada, the Scottish dirk to the basket hilt, and the English dagger to the rapier.(6) I wondered if he carried a dirk and a pistol and if his hat was adorned with crocodile skin.(7) How did you get a dirk and a broadsword on an airplane?(8) Pulling the covers off revealed a no-nonsense rapier and a mid-length dirk .(9) But he was also skilled at the bow, the short ax, the dirk , the scythe, the dagger, even the great battle axe.(10) It was the two pearl-handled pistols and the thigh-sheathed dirk that won most of her battles.(11) ÔÇÿSo, you just ÔÇÿforgotÔÇÖ you had the family dirk and a five-hundred-year-old Scottish Broadsword?ÔÇÖ(12) An assortment of rifles, pistols, dirks , daggers, and cudgels were quite literally dripping off their massive persons.(13) Shields, longswords, shortswords, broadswords, greatswords, and any other kind of sword you could name; daggers, dirks , scimitars, pikes, bows, and weapons even whose names escaped her.(14) There are many wonderful things among the countless flint tools, dirks and firearms, but the quantity of material is daunting even for the most discerning.(15) Some clutched the hilts of their swords, others dirks or bows.(16) At sea, cutlasses became common issue in the 18th century for most navies and officers were equipped with swords and dirks in much the same way as their military counterparts.
1. dirk ::
2. dagger ::
3. knife ::
4. poniard ::
Different Forms
dirk, dirks
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