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শ্যাম্পেন, বুদ্বুদপূর্ণ, সাঁ-সাঁ শব্দ

champagne    :শ্যাম্পেন


Champagnes :: শ্যাম্পেন


Related Words


1. sparkling wine :: স্পার্কলিং ওয়াইন

2. spumante :: spumante

3. cava :: Cava

4. bubbly :: বুদ্বুদপূর্ণ

Different forms

champagne, champagnes

English to Bengali Dictionary: champagne
Meaning and definitions of champagne, translation in Bengali language for champagne with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of champagne in Bengali and in English language.

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What champagne means in Bengali, champagne meaning in Bengali, champagne definition, examples and pronunciation of champagne in Bengali language.

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