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:: Indian films are everywhere and not just the potboilers :: The pronounced distortions of the cobbled street and the seller of musical instruments in the foreground of this picture have provoked critics into a series of conjectures about how it was painted and originally displayed:: The dexterity of the violin must be imitated by the viols down below and is so to thrilling effect:: I once tried to write a string quartet that eliminated violins completely two violas and two cellos before my professor made me revise it for the standard combo in the name of greater color variation:: The festivities were just starting and the strings of violins could be heard even outside the party:: The study in France found a link between cases of acute leukaemia among youngsters and how close they lived to a petrol station or a garage carrying out car repairs:: Certainly there was a host of different dishes hot and steamy to cater to the tastes of connoisseurs :: a hardback edition:: For the most part his early paintings are nocturnes in the style of Whistler:: Fill the bag with the roux and pipe long sausages of the mixture on to the tray:: This picture is taken from the local Spanish newspaper where the traffic story is front page news:: The storytelling is excellent and some of the descriptions are stunning:: The input manager operates between a device driver and a player application program:: Some people abstain from sex because of religious or spiritual beliefs or because of personal values:: This is certainly exciting and I am almost sorry when we skid to a halt in a splatter of mud:: :: I was lightheaded and it was with difficulty that I followed her when she went backstage to her dressing room:: Little time is wasted on characters backstories or relationships this is a movie for the fans a tantalizing glimpse into a larger universe:: Lets admit it and this is the real dirty secret of academic publishing one can publish just about anything if one goes far enough down the list of impact factors:: It does this without ever becoming overly dramatic or sentimental a trait that many of Hollywoods screenwriters would do well to note:: The designers have taught me how to use proper proofing marks rather than random scribbles :: As a professional scribbler I had penned a piece about the social economic and environmental benefits of fair trade agriculture:: By the mid4th century Coptic script was widely used and both Coptic and Greek scripts were in use simultaneously:: The biggest challenge for book publishers is interesting boys in their product
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