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:: Wonderfully constructed narratives such as the patriarchal stories of Genesis are reduced and abridged as to make many of them incomprehensible:: Ive seen with my own eyes people take up four seats the entire aisle and the toilet cubile by strategic placement of a few cases:: Hes a great deal smaller and thinner than he looks in photographs or on his album sleeves:: Songs arias and operatic scenes are mixed together and that works well too:: Michael led them to their seats in the balcony and handed her her show glasses:: He has recorded everything from the most romantic ballads to movie theme songs disco rock and even gospel:: The towns Christmas street lights will be switched on as various carol singing groups gather for the traditional street carolling in The Square:: It also called for strong punishment of secret collaborators with the communist regime:: Its also one of the obvious connections to modernist art practices such as cubist or surrealist collage :: The atmosphere in the stadium was fantastic and with the roof closed and the sound reaching a crescendo it made the hairs on my neck stand up:: Like it says on the videos on this site playing quietly or diminuendoing on the low notes is difficult theres a risk of the notes splitting:: Talk of reviving the military draft to supply enough troops for the war on terror is just that talk:: The firings will affect all areas including the companys corporate finance and stockbroking arms:: Suddenly the bow in Taryns hand slid up and down vigorously her fingers flying over the fingerboards :: he had the opportunity to jam with Atlanta blues musicians:: His goal was to create new categories to use the vocabulary of landscape and genre paintings for the most consecrated art:: I dont otherwise want to move I have a large place in a convenient location with reasonable rent that allows pets which isnt easy to find:: Hundreds of victims of Britains Abomb tests are to march on Parliament today in what they say is their best chance ever to secure compensation:: So long has he is steeped in his loneliness hes immune to friendly overtures :: In addition to providing some history about them it also doubles as a preface for describing the animation:: His retrospective exhibition featured only 123 of his best works but many more have come to light since and continue to do so:: The majority of articles in this review acknowledged individual andor systemic racism:: Turners seascapes are never merely paintings of the sea:: shes still fifteen euro short:: a moon shot:: After applying a light foundation all over the face smudge a little cream or gel blusher over the cheekbone with a brush or finger:: When you need that Mike Pinder string sound for your Moody Blues soundalike or that Kraftwerk human choir thing dial up the MTron:: Processes farther down the pipeline must be upgraded and reworked in order to handle much greater volume :: But in the nineteenth century women were difficult to save their voluminous clothing was a dead weight in water and modesty usually prevented their shedding their apparel even when in danger of drowning:: It attacks motor neurones in the spinal cord and lower brain which transmit signals from the brain to the voluntary muscles throughout the body
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