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:: Youre not really compassionate what you feel is not care for another person but in fact a bit of self indulgent weepiness for yourself:: Anytime anyone goes off about how worthless oldtime superheroes are I just remember this film:: Websters lexicographers thus might say that because a residence can be a business establishment a residence can be viewed as a retail pet store if dogs are sold there:: Rich rhythmical patterns and grooves represent roots in African culture or to be more exact AfroAmerican music in the realm of jazz soul and funk :: In the sensual dance sequence we again witness safe eroticism at work:: Words were scraped away with a penknife or inserted carefully in the lines of text and then listed in an errata paragraph to attest that the approved document was unaltered:: It is still possible to see the wagon entrance to the quarry at the northeastern corner and remnants of haulage roads to lime kilns :: When they observe volunteers doing something great they snap photos and display them along with the volunteers names and short blurbs about their volunteer ministry on a display board in the lobby:: In this region coolseason grasses such as fine fescue Kentucky bluegrass and turftype perennial ryegrass thrive:: Chatting to this bubbly rowing ambassadress it is hard to believe that she ever suffers from the blues but settling for second best would signal negative feelings this time:: Hed get some old sailor to sing an old sea shanty with a cracked voice:: A bite on the little parcel brought out a medley of exotic flavours and textures that exploded in your mouth:: This doctrine lives on today as one of many maxims for contractual interpretation :: The whole school gathered in the auditorium for announcements every Friday:: It became more and more an integral part of his sense of the film and finally he decided that the whole score should be provided by the zitherist :: In the hands of a lesser writer such a scenario might have smacked drearily of one of those worthy social docudramas:: :: It was a pathetic love story of the romanticist poetess Elizabeth Barrett and novice poet Robert Browning:: The same term can be used appropriately for sections of sonata rondos or concerto movements:: he was a real hit with the ladies:: We set up her turntables and I practiced actually mixing records for the first time which was fun:: Goody goody we get to fight them over there so we dont have to fight them here:: It looks like we have a long way to go before we can cheerfully mix images and cell backgrounds using any colour over every colour depth :: The authors of these treatises were not principally music theorists whose prime interest was expounding on the rules of counterpoint although that may have been included in their duty as teachers:: By the close integration of text commentary and illustration he gave the renaissance world a definitive anatomical thesis
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