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শক্তিশালী করা, শক্তি বাড়ান, পুনরায় বলবৎ করা, সৈন্য দ্বারা নববলে বলীয়ন করাকোনো-কিছুর শক্তি, বাড়তি শক্তি জোগানো, আরো শক্তিশালী করা
Reinforce :
পুনরায় বলবৎ করা
- পুনরায় বলবৎ করাচাঙ্গাশক্তিবৃদ্ধিআরও বাড়িয়ে তোলেপুনর্বহাল

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Verb(1) make stronger(2) strengthen and support with rewards

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(1) A fierce fight then ensued while multitudes of tanks and helicopters came to reinforce their forces fighting against us.(2) paratroopers were sent to reinforce the troops already in the area(3) Their findings reinforce the idea that communication failure is an important source of medical error.(4) Then, at the end of August, Japanese forces endeavoured to flank Port Moresby and reinforce their troops on the Kokoda Track by forcing a landing at Milne Bay.(5) Students can also start and stop the presentation at any point and repeat slides to reinforce material.(6) They are expected to help secure supply lines and reinforce coalition forces approaching the capital of five million people.(7) Hours later, we again took to the air, this time towing gliders full of troops to reinforce the men we just dropped.(8) The question now was where to employ the heavy machine guns to best support and reinforce the light machine guns and strengthen King Company's defense.(9) Apparently the Germans played along in order to win time to reinforce their forces in Italy, which were increased from six divisions in July to eighteen in September with four more on their way.(10) She said that from the time Ian was about 2 years old, she had worked with him to reinforce certain habits.(11) At first signs of enemy preparation for attack, action is taken to reinforce the defense, and weapon assets and personnel are put on high alert.(12) The diagrams are large and clear and there are cartoons throughout the book that reinforce the subject matter.(13) Two divisions were sent by Lee to reinforce the left wing.(14) Don't reinforce the idea that body shape and size should be a significant factor in how we perceive people.(15) On landing the 7th Battalion of 5th Brigade begins a forced march towards Pegasus Bridge, to reinforce the glider force.(16) Participants continue to meet in monthly support groups to reinforce the values and skills developed while in the program.
Related Words
(1) reinforce ::
পুনরায় বলবৎ করা
1. strengthen ::
2. augment ::
3. reward ::
4. reenforce ::
নববলে বলীয়ান করা
Different Forms
reinforce, reinforced, reinforcement, reinforcements, reinforces, reinforcing
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