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How To Use Bengali to English Dictionary

Step 1

Type any Bengali word using English alphabets, you will see instant Bengali word suggestions.

Step 2

Press space/enter button in your keyboard to insert Bengali word in search box and click on get meaning button. You will see Bengali to English Translations.

Step 3

If you still don't get translations for your desired Bengali word, then:

  • re-check the word spelling
  • try to shorten the word
  • you can contact with us at Contact

About Bengali to English Dictionary

BDWord Hindi Dictionary is freely available online "Hindi to English Dictionary and Translation". The aim of this dictionary is to provide an easy access to English translations of Hindi words. It uses BDWord dictionary V2.0, part of wordnet 3.0 and user contributed words. Users are highly encouraged to add new words so that we can enhance the scope of this dictionary and help fellow users. Please send your valuable comments concerning the online dictionary at Contact

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