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1. Gaffe (অসমীচীন কাজ) :: I kept things moving reasonably well and didnt commit any major gaffes or trip over my words too badly
2. Gainsay (প্রতিবাদ করা) :: In your place I should not gainsay the truth but Id put it in a different and more telling way
3. Gall (পিত্ত) :: The piece is written with an almost amused incredulity at the sheer gall of the scheme
4. Galleon (স্পেইনদেশীয় পোতবিশেষ) :: The fleet of 130 ships including 22 fighting galleons sailed in a crescent shape
6. Gambol (ক্রীড়া করা) :: One of the joys of walking in the hills this weekend will be the sight of newborn lambs gambolling in the Easter sunshine
7. Garble (বিকৃত করা) :: You try to talk to a fellow shopper but your words sound garbled and others seem confused by your speech
8. Garish (চটকদার) :: Orange whistles are garish and weapons can easily be turned against you
9. Garner (শস্যভাণ্ডার) :: We hope it garners a wealth of information for everyone
11. Gaucherie (আনাড়িপনা) :: In the last 15 years the mode of quick cutting has hidden some of the physical gaucheries but it cant give them graces they dont possess
12. Gaunt (কৃশ) :: He was gaunt and serious from the start with minimal hand movements and only slightly gesticulating as he dipped into domestic policy issues
13. Gavel (সভাপতির হাতুড়ি) :: The judge bangs his gavel and then gets up and exits the courtroom
14. Genre (রীতি) :: All in all I picked up ten magazines representing a wide base of styles and genres
15. Germane (সঙ্গত) :: Frankly they backed into their mollusc caves round about May and emerge only when I manage to procure a germane species of earth worm from my back yard
16. Germinal (বীজসংক্রান্ত) :: Radiation inhibits mitotic activity in the germinal cells of the epidermis hair follicles and sebaceous glands
19. Gist (সারকথা) :: Faint voices floated to him and he caught the general gist of the conversation
20. Glacial (জমাট বাঁধা) :: From the 3000 foot glacial valley where the plane dropped us off we went after our first slopes undulating falls that one of the many Vinson ice tributaries

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