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1. yard (গজ) :: How many inches equal a yard is not something subject to daily fluctuations on the free or any other market
2. yawn (হাই তোলা) :: But the comedy is ghastly dull the choreography fussy and boring a yawn a minute I thought sourly
3. yeah (হাঁ) :: We need to have righteous indignation on our side We need to fight evil yeah
4. year (বছর) :: it lasted a year
5. yellow (হলুদ) :: The schools new colours are maroon royal blue and yellow
6. yes (হাঁ) :: Of course yes certainly it was a chance to be associated with the games
7. yesterday (গতকাল) :: This is a problem that has always bugged parents even since I was in school which is not today or yesterday
8. yet (এখনো) :: We do not care enough about our teachers and yet we entrust them with our future our youth
9. you (আপনি) :: you got injured
10. young (তরুণ) :: young tree
11. your (তোমার) :: All you have to do is find a user name decide on a password and give them your email address
12. yours (আপনার) :: Arent you curious to see how a child of yours will turn out
13. yourself (নিজেকে) :: you can tell him yourself
14. youth (যৌবন) :: I guess I worry about talking about youth culture generally because I think its such a small slice of youth culture

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