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নকল করা, পুনর্গঠন করা, বংশবৃদ্ধি করা, পুনরূত্পাদন করা, পুনরায় বর্ণনা করা, অনুলিপি করাআবার দেখানো, আবার শোনানো, প্রতিরূপ রচনা করা
Reproduce :
নকল করা
- নকল করাপুনরুত্পাদনপ্রজনন করেপ্রতিলিপি

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Verb(1) make a copy or equivalent of(2) have offspring or produce more individuals of a given animal or plant(3) recreate a sound, image, idea, mood, atmosphere, etc.(4) repeat after memorization

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(1) Most insects can reproduce in livestock manures.(2) a concert performance cannot reproduce all the subtleties of a recording(3) It is these new domestic environments - difficult to reproduce in the museum setting - that continue to make Schindler's houses and apartments such a pleasure to inhabit.(4) Their blend of the foreign and the intimate created a sound which many have tried, and failed, to reproduce .(5) Remember, without a ÔÇÿhost,ÔÇÖ a virus cannot reproduce and spread.(6) you'll be amazed to see how well halftones reproduce(7) Most people would just love to reproduce themselves and then, of course, be immensely disappointed if they do it, because it won't be them.(8) Coronaviruses use efficient and economical mechanisms to reproduce themselves in animal cells.(9) the problems are difficult to reproduce in the laboratory(10) Through their act of submission to the film, Anger aims to reproduce in the audience, to some degree at least, the state of consciousness achieved by the participants of the ritual depicted.(11) bacteria normally divide and reproduce themselves every twenty minutes(12) This virus is not spread to the offspring as beetles reproduce .(13) Wouldn't it be great, if at the age of 21, you either found out you couldn't have kids, or as the result of Chemo, you were unable to reproduce , that you could clone a new uterus.(14) They reproduce like rabbits and gnaw almost permanently because their teeth grow all the time.(15) you'll be amazed to see how well half-tones reproduce(16) They also reproduce themselves, and the new cells also crank out interferon in massive amounts.
Related Words
1. copy ::
2. repeat ::
3. breed ::
4. regurgitate ::
ছিটকাইয়া ফিরিয়া যাত্তয়া
5. multiply ::
গুণ করা
1. originate ::
উত্পন্ন করা
Different Forms
reproduce, reproduced, reproduces, reproducing
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