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হার, দর, গতি, দাম, কর, অনুপাত, নির্নিষ্ট মুল্য, জাহাজের শ্রেণী, পরিমাণ, প্রসার, মাত্রা, নিরিখদর কষা, হিসাব করা, মূল্য হিসাব করা, ক্রমিক অবস্থান স্থির করা, পদমর্যাদা স্থির করা, শ্রেণীভুক্ত করা, শ্রেণীভুক্ত হত্তয়া, তিরস্কার করাগুণমান বিচার করা, মূল্য নির্ধারণ, মূল্য
Rate :
- হারহারহারতিরস্কার করা যায়হার

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Noun(1) a magnitude or frequency relative to a time unit(2) amount of a charge or payment relative to some basis(3) the relative speed of progress or change(4) a quantity or amount or measure considered as a proportion of another quantity or amount or measure
Verb(1) assign a rank or rating to(2) be worthy of or have a certain rating(3) estimate the value of

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(1) your heart rate(2) failure rate(3) They also want overtime to be paid at time-and-a-half and double the hourly rate , with full pay for the first six months that miners are off sick.(4) a Ôö¼├║3.40 minimum hourly rate of pay(5) Repayments will increase dramatically if the rate moves towards 3%, as predicted.(6) The actual average annual exchange rate in 1978 was US $0.877 / CA $1.00.(7) Across the country this year's pass rate soared to 96 per cent - the 22nd annual rise in a row.(8) The rental rate includes all the fixed costs of operating a facility expressed on a square footage basis.(9) market rate(10) They try to judge their speed with its rate of descent, and mistakes happen.(11) the crime rate rose by 26 percent(12) A person on $60,000 pays a marginal tax rate of 47 per cent on the next dollar they earn.(13) Oh who am I kidding, the thought of riding wasn't the only thing that was causing my heart rate to speed up.(14) If she gets pregnant, the interest rate drops by one basis point for one year.(15) you can rate it excellent, good or poor(16) On exiting the scheme, tax is charged at a rate of 23 per cent on the interest earned.
Related Words
(1) exchange rate ::
বিনিময় হার
1. percentage ::
শতকরা হার
2. charge ::
3. speed ::
4. pace ::
5. assess ::
পরিমাপ করা
6. consider ::
7. merit ::
8. order ::
9. value ::
Different Forms
prorate, prorates, rate, rated, rates
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