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শক্তি, ক্ষমতা, বল, ধারণক্ষমতা, হতে পারে, পরাক্রম, তাপ, কর্তৃত্ব, ধীশক্তি, মাংসপেশী, উদ্যম

might    :হতে পারে



Related Words

1. may :: may


1. strength :: শক্তি

2. force :: বল

3. power :: ক্ষমতা

4. vigor :: তেজ

5. energy :: শক্তি

6. brawn :: মাংসপেশী

7. powerfulness :: powerfulness

8. forcefulness ::

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English to Bengali Dictionary: might
Meaning and definitions of might, translation in Bengali language for might with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of might in Bengali and in English language.

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What might means in Bengali, might meaning in Bengali, might definition, examples and pronunciation of might in Bengali language.

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