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English to Bengali Dictionary: methought
Meaning and definitions of methought, translation in Bengali language for methought with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of methought in Bengali and in English language.

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What methought means in Bengali, methought meaning in Bengali, methought definition, examples and pronunciation of methought in Bengali language.

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Power - (ক্ষমতা) :: It likes to trumpet its all out speed while ignoring the 130 watts of power and size of the beast

Result - (ফল) :: There were dramatic increases in productivity as a result of this product

Electricity - (বিদ্যুৎ) :: Her address sounded good but electricity charges and fuel prices are still increasing

Microelectronics - (microelectronics) :: The invention relates to the formation of structures in microelectronic devices such as integrated circuit devices by means of borderless via architectures in intermetal dielectrics

Pump - (পাম্প) :: In the end the fire brigade were forced to pump water from a nearby river


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Surroundings - (চারপাশ) :: I took up the time admiring my surroundings

Survey - (জরিপ) :: In a national telephone survey of 1000 US adults 105 participants reported that they suffer from severe headaches

Survive - (টেকা) :: Two of the old soldiers saw fit to advise me on how to survive my approaching ordeal

Suspect - (সন্দেহভাজন) :: Police suspect there are one or more groups of robbers operating in the area

Suspicion - (সন্দেহ) :: It shows no great sense of sportsmanship but rather invokes a suspicion of envy of some kind


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Tentative - (সম্ভাব্য) :: Without the weight of the anklets she felt as though she were floating each step was like a tentative attempt at takeoff

Tenuous - (পাতলা) :: Tens of thousands of pastoralists are in a chronic war with bandits and each other in this semiarid region where land and water resources have tenuously supported their nomadic way of life for centuries

Terse - (বাহুল্যবর্জিত) :: A private school has sent a terse letter to parents instructing them how to behave properly at sports events

Therapeutic - (ভেষজ) :: And the latter had recently announced that plastic surgery except for specifically therapeutic reasons was a sin


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Uncomfortable (অস্বচ্ছন্দ) :: I was waiting on an uncomfortable plastic chair to be seen by a nurse

Rigorous (কঠোর) :: In 1998 he cited vigilant and rigorous control over costs as a main goal

Canna (একপ্রকার ফুলগাছ) :: After frost kills their foliage dig up callas cannas dahlias gladiolus tuberous begonias and other tender bulbs Dry off the bulbs and pack them in vermiculite or sterile potting soil

Lurid (উত্তেজনাপূর্ণ) :: Somebody was getting off on dirty talk and we heard every lurid detail

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Adjective :: অসাড়, অবসন্ন, নিষ্ক্রিয়, ভোঁতা, সীসকনির্মিত, অচৈতন্য, ঘোলা, গণ্ডমূর্খ, চর্বি, , অচেতন, অনুভূতিহীন, অর্থহীন, কদাকার
Meaning :: ঘোলা, , তীক্ষ্নতাশূন্য, মূর্খ, বোকা, ডোডো, জড়বুদ্ধি, ভোঁতা
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