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অধরা, পৌরাণিক, অবাস্তব, অশরীরী, ছায়াময়, অস্পৃশ্য, অপবিত্র, মলিন, অলীক, মায়াময়, কল্পিত, অসার

Intangible    :অধরা


Intangible - অধরা

Intangibles :: অধরা


Related Words


1. impalpable :: অবোধ্য

2. indefinable :: অবর্ণনীয়

3. nonphysical :: nonphysical


4. intangible asset :: অধরা সম্পদ


1. palpable :: প্রতীয়মান

2. tactile :: স্পৃশ্য

3. tangible :: বাস্তব

Different forms

intangible, intangibles

English to Bengali Dictionary: intangible
Meaning and definitions of intangible, translation in Bengali language for intangible with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of intangible in Bengali and in English language.

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What intangible means in Bengali, intangible meaning in Bengali, intangible definition, examples and pronunciation of intangible in Bengali language.

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