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hypothetical    :প্রকল্পিত


Hypothetically :: সজোরে


Related Words


1. theoretical :: তত্ত্বীয়

2. speculative :: ফটকামূলক

3. conjectured ::

4. conjectural :: আনুমানিক

5. notional :: ধারণাগত

6. suppositional ::

7. supposed :: অনুমিত

8. putative :: অবৈধ

9. assumed :: অধিকৃত

10. academic :: কেতাবি


1. actual :: আসল

2. factual :: প্রকৃত

3. real :: বাস্তব

Different forms

hypothetical, hypothetically

English to Bengali Dictionary: hypothetical
Meaning and definitions of hypothetical, translation in Bengali language for hypothetical with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of hypothetical in Bengali and in English language.

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