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ভাঁজ, অধিস্থাপন, অঁচল, অধিস্থান, আনুকূল্য, প্রাচুর্য, অঙ্ক, অঙ্কদেশ, ক্রোড়, কোলপোশাকের ঝুলে থাকা অংশ, জিভ দিয়ে চক চক করে জল, দুধ ইঃ খাওয়া, সযত্নে মুড়ে রাখা, দৌড় প্রতিযোগিতার এক পাক, পালিশ-চাকিভাঁজ করা, অধিস্থাপন করা, জড়ান, লেহন করা, জিহ্বা দ্বারা চাটা, মৃদু আঘাত করা, উপরে রাখা, ভাঁজ হত্তয়া, কিছু দিয়া জড়ান, কিছুর মধ্যে রাখা, পরিবেষ্টন করা, অধিস্থাপিত হত্তয়া, সীমা ছাড়ান, উপচাইয়া পড়া, ছাপাইয়া যাত্তয়া, কোলে লত্তয়া
Lap :
- ভাঁজল্যাপতামাদিভ্রষ্টতা

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Noun(1) the upper side of the thighs of a seated person(2) an area of control or responsibility(3) the part of a piece of clothing that covers the thighs(4) a flap that lies over another part(5) movement once around a course(6) touching with the tongue
Verb(1) lie partly over or alongside of something or of one another(2) pass the tongue over(3) move with or cause to move with a whistling or hissing sound(4) take up with the tongue(5) wash or flow against

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(1) Her hands were clasped together in the taut lap of her green dress; her face was broad and serene below her bleached, spiked hair.(2) She straightened herself in her spot and spread her hands on the lap of the silk gown.(3) So after much weeping moaning and gnashing of teeth I was finally forced to suffer the indignity of sitting on Santa's lap or rather knee.(4) We motored down from Kochi, but had to cover the last lap of the journey by motor boat along a narrow canal.(5) Evelyn sat, tears streaming down her cheeks and forming a damp pool on the lap of her gown.(6) come and sit on my lap(7) a lap record(8) The lower portion of the belt should be flat across the lap and as low as possible on the hip so that the impact is spread across the hip-bones rather than the abdomen.(9) As for the younger members, they should be able to swim one full lap in the pool before they join.(10) As the two women charged down the pool on the second lap with Quann clearly in the lead, the crowd rose to its feet and beseeched her for a world record.(11) To the west, the indigo-blue waters of Pamlico Sound lap grassy marshes thick with egrets and blue herons.(12) we caught a cab for the last lap of our journey(13) She turns, raising her face to see me, her hand falling slowly to her lap , lower lip trembling.(14) Jenny had to sit on Karina's lap in the front seat.(15) The individual faces are then ground and polished on a lap using diamond powder as an abrasive.(16) Various classes of competitors take 10 laps around the dirt track to qualify for the 20 lap trophy races.
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ভাঁজ নাচ
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উপরে জড়ান
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নাগাল ধরা
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জলের ছিটা
9. drink ::
পান করা
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12. swoosh ::
13. wash ::
Different Forms
lap, laps
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