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বাছা, নিষ্কাশন করা, পরিহার করা, এড়ান, দূর করা, অপসারিত করা, পরিত্যাগ করা, বাদ দেত্তয়া, বিবেচনার যোগ্য না করা, অপনোদন করা
Eliminate :
- বাছাঅপনীতঘটিয়েছেদূর

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Verb(1) terminate, end, or take out(2) do away with(3) kill in large numbers(4) dismiss from consideration or a contest(5) eliminate from the body(6) remove from a contest or race(7) remove (an unknown variable

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(1) It's not my personal presence here that will bring the disease under control, but bearing down on the disease to eliminate it.(2) Diuretics lower blood pressure by helping your body eliminate sodium and water.(3) The goal of this operation was to eliminate a key political figure in the Algerian resistance and to disrupt its infrastructure.(4) While the central bank can work to control inflation, it can't eliminate boom-and-bust cycles.(5) You heard Senator Lieberman say that's not necessarily wise economic policy to eliminate one option if there is a need for some serious economic decisions.(6) The ketone functional group can also take part in autocondensation reactions which eliminate water.(7) On the other, it provided him with a band of assassins that could eliminate any PLO leader that met with his disapproval.(8) The only way to defeat terrorism as a threat to our way of life is to stop it, eliminate it and destroy it where it grows.(9) a policy that would eliminate inflation(10) this diet claims to eliminate toxins from the body(11) Thousands of disappearances or extrajudicial executions were allegedly carried out by the police as part of a deliberate policy to eliminate armed opposition groups as well as their supporters.(12) If we could eliminate stress, would we eliminate a lot of disease?(13) Both outer wing panels were removed to eliminate corrosion at the attach taper pins.(14) Ketones can undergo a process known as autocondensation, where several ketone molecules react together to eliminate water.(15) If they want to spy on you, they can force-load into your computer a modification that reports all your activities, and then they can remove it later to eliminate the evidence.(16) Ozone, produced by zapping oxygen with electricity, will be pumped into the water taken out of Cheney to remove impurities and eliminate most odors.
Related Words
1. remove ::
3. do away with ::
ধ্বংস করা
4. carry off ::
অপহরণ করা
5. reject ::
6. rid of ::
দূর করা
1. admit ::
সত্য বলিয়া স্বীকার করা
2. include ::
অন্তর্ভুক্ত করা
Different Forms
eliminate, eliminated, eliminates, eliminating
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