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These are some of the parochial attitudes that must change Nearly a lifetimes worth of disappointment had transformed Anders into a parody of his younger self He watched his fathers neat even blows chops cuts and parries But the declines also point out the parsimonious nature of the cashfree offer What connects the two sets of images the woodcuts and the paintings is a kind of parsimony We will draw the conclusions that are required and endure the consequences as the Word of God instructs us without prejudice and without partiality Well it just means that I dont consider myself a political partisan in the sense that we back one party or another So many riches so many opportunities to astonish us and yet Clarke insists on breaking off again and again to indulge in literary pastiche This play strikes a balance between comedy and pathos which rings true of lifes mixed blessings These achievements should be shared with our sponsors patrons and supporters Is my sympathy condescending and patronizing He bemoans the shortage of trained music teachers and a paucity of school music lessons
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