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1. Raconteur (গল্প-কথক) :: The trouble is Dawson was a born raconteur and like most raconteurs he sometimes embellished his stories to amuse his listeners
2. Ramble (ঘুরাঘুরি করা) :: Shipley still has the pale turquoise eyes and easy grin he had as a young man and it sometimes startles him to realize that those backcountry rambles are a halfcentury in the past
4. Rancor (র্ষা) :: In the 1970s his parents moved from the countrys eastern region to settle in Camden then separated rancorously when he was six
5. Rant (অর্থহীন বাক্য) :: I ranted at length about this in an article published earlier this year in Bermudas daily newspaper
6. Rarefy (বিরল করা) :: as the shell continues to expand and rarefy astronomers may eventually be able to see characteristic gamma rays from the radioactivity within
7. Ratify (অনুসমর্থন করা) :: The United States is a signatory to that agreement but has not yet ratified the convention
8. Raucous (কর্কশ) :: The atmosphere gets high spirited with heckling and raucous laughter
9. Raze (সম্পূর্ণ ধ্বংস করা) :: A frenzy of hotel building razed old neighbourhoods and transformed city centres
10. Ready (প্রস্তুত) :: Doubts resolved he is now committed eager and ready to take up the challenge
11. Rebus (রহস্যবিশেষ) :: There seem to be puzzles maybe even a few rebuses or wordgames hidden in it too
12. Rebuttal (খণ্ডন) :: They consider all reasonable explanations rebuttals and refutations as provocations to China
13. Recant (পরিত্যাগ করা) :: He may have recanted on the hardline economics but people here still regard him as one of the leaders of the English party
14. Recapitulate (সারসংক্ষেপ প্রদান করা) :: Let us begin by briefly recapitulating the novels plot
15. Receptacle (আধার) :: The receptacle remains on the thallus surface until the receptacle s sporophytes approach maturity
16. Recluse (নিভৃত) :: The majority had to severely restrict their lives by changing or abandoning work curtailing all social activities and becoming virtual recluses
17. Recondite (দুর্বোধ্য) :: Hansen uses short sentences and has a knack for clarifying opaque and recondite ideas
18. Reconnaissance (পরিদর্শনকরণ) :: A Pentagon spokesman said a coalition air reconnaissance patrol came under fire and called in air strikes
19. Recumbent (হেলান) :: In several the blondehelmeted recumbent figure turns as though to meet the viewers gaze
20. Recuperate (পুনরূদ্ধার করা) :: The quickly qualifying and anxietyridden of course indicates that for Irene his masculinity has to be rapidly recuperated from any trace of the feminine

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