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Inspector - (পরিদর্শক) :: I had a close friend who was a police inspector in Manchester another who was with the dog unit in Merseyside

Signal - (সংকেত) :: they could signal displeasure by refusing to cooperate

Submarine - (ডুবোজাহাজ) :: The sixinch Veggie Delite submarine has 230 calories and 3 fat grams

Timber - (কাঠ) :: We can grow twice as much timber on our land if the markets tell us to do so

Wreckage - (ধ্বংসাবশেষ) :: Tests are being carried out on wreckage in order to determine what type of missiles they were


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Him - (তাকে) :: George Ryans work on the death penalty has brought him mention as a contender for the peace prize

Himself - (নিজে) :: its himself I was looking for

Hip - (নিতম্ব) :: One option is to build a coffered ceiling which will raise the ceiling height and allow you to use the hip side as part of the ceiling

Hire - (ভাড়া) :: Car hire is only available with a driver in Phnom Penh and Angkor Wat

His - (তার) :: Mr Brown might care to look at another report which came out only hours before his own


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Curb your feelings
আবেগ দমন করো।

Birds of a feather, flock together.
চোরে চোরে মাসতুতো ভাই

How many people do you have in your family?
তোমার পরিবরের সদস্যসংখ্যা কত?

Can you hold this for me?
অনুগ্রহ করে আমার জন্য এটা ধরে রাখবে?

Now is the time to go back.
এবার ফেরার পালা


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Odometer - (দূরত্বমাপণী) :: We tend to measure mileage based on the rate of travel by these winged odometers

Officious - (উপযাচক) :: Two social workers arrived at my place of work two weeks later and in a very high handed and officious manner insisted on interviewing me in front of my staff

Ogle - (কটাক্ষ করা) :: I spent the evening ogling Bianca and playing pool

Olfactory - (ঘ্রাণজ) :: The molecules diffuse through the surface layer of mucus and stimulate the olfactory receptors

Ominous - (অশুভ) :: His dark ominous eyes bore testament to the fact that he was dangerous


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Justice (বিচার) :: But it goes to an essential aspect of the administration of justice the due pronouncement of any court decision

Numismatics (টঙ্কবিজ্ঞান) :: Roman Jakobsons good friend that archstructuralist aristocrat Nikolai Sergeevich Trubetzkoy famously said that phonetics is to phonology as numismatics is to economics

Petty (ক্ষুদ্র) :: The presidents closest advisor recklessly betrays a state secret for petty revenge

Qualify (যোগ্যতা) :: They had to mitigate them they had to qualify them

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Adjective :: নির্বোধ, নিরীহ, অজ্ঞ, কুয়াশাচ্ছন্ন, আর্ধমাতাল, জড়বুদ্ধি, মন্দগতি, ক্ষণিমতি, , ক্যাবলা, গণ্ডমূর্খ, ভোঁতা, শূন্যগর্ভ, মূঢ়, বোকা, সহজ
Noun :: মূর্খ, নির্বোধ, গাধা, বোকা, আফিম, আনাড়ী, , বাধা, নিরেট, মূর্খ লোক, অকর্মণ্য লোক, নরম, বোকা, গণ্ডমূর্খ
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