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Cloth - (কাপড়) :: When woollen cloth was woven on a handloom the nap had to be combed in order to raise it

Clothes - (বস্ত্র) :: Try on jackets and outer garments over the clothes theyll be worn with

Handbag - (হ্যান্ডব্যাগ) :: Contributed items covering five tables included a brief case handbags purse gloves toiletries and many other items

Vest - (ন্যস্ত করা) :: The dozen pockets of his safari vest are filled with gear

Knickers - (নিকার্বোকার্) :: You might fancy her in red lace but is it really what she wants Take a look in her knicker drawer when the moment is right and see what she buys for herself


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Why - (কেন) :: The reason why this guy makes me feel better is because he has less

Wide - (প্রশস্ত) :: But then Weaver made a crucial mistake making a wide pickoff throw to first base

Widely - (ব্যাপকভাবে) :: Yet just by looking at the English and German sites we see widely different layouts

Width - (প্রস্থ) :: Mr Haggarty said it was hoped to expand the room which is located on the ground floor of the hotel by about 4ft in width and 8ft in length

Wife - (স্ত্রী) :: She is a comic pointilliste and her precise inflections of wifeliness dot the brain like a quiver of hatpins


500+ Common Translations

The food is hot, blow it cool.
খাবার গরম ফুঁ দিয়ে খাও।

We will teach him a lesson.
তাকে আমরা একটা শিক্ষা দেব

Penny wise pound foolish.
সস্তার তিন অবস্থা

Move aside
এক পাশে সরে দাঁড়াও

What does this mean?
এসবের অর্থ কি?


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Umbrage - (অপমানবোধ) :: Seems that some conservatives took umbrage at comments by the writer Joe Staten

Unalloyed - (নিখাদ) :: Overall the American triumph was not unalloyed

Unctuous - (তেলা) :: No further questions your Honor the prosecutor concluded unctuously folding his hands and leaning forward with a slight simper that made Peter retch


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Master (মনিব) :: Higher education is defined as involving programs that award bachelors master s or doctorate degrees

Qualm (বিবেকের দংশন) :: He also added that he would have no qualms about seeking expenses for the trip

Crumb (ক্ষুদ্র টুকরা করা) :: Crush the biscuits into a crumb texture add the melted butter and mix together

Literacy (সাক্ষরতা) :: We have recently seen many important educational policy initiatives in the area of childrens literacy

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Noun :: প্রচেষ্টা, চেষ্টা, প্রবন্ধ, উদ্যম, শট, লজ্জা, প্রয়াস, ধাক্কা, উচ্চাকাঙ্ক্ষা, যত্নপরতা, ড্রাইভ, দীনতা, দারিদ্র্য, ক্ষুধিত, চাড়, আলিঙ্গন, ব্যথা, কষ্ট, অবসাদ, অনুবন্ধ, , সম্পর্ক, অনুশীলন, ব্যায়াম, কৌতুক, পরিশ্রম, শ্রম, প্রযত্ন, উদ্বেগ, যত্ন, মনোযোগ, উদ্যোগ, অঙ্গীকার, শিল্প, অ্যানিমেশন, অপারেশন, ভঙ্গ, বল, অত্যাচার, বলপ্রয়োগ, প্রয়োগকারী, বাধ্যবাধকতা
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