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উপত্যকা, ভেলা, জামিন, জার, বালতি, নালা

Valley    :উপত্যকা


Valley - উপত্যকা

Valleys :: উপত্যকার


Related Words

1. the valley :: উপত্যকা


1. dale :: উপত্যকা

2. vale :: উপত্যকা

3. hollow :: ফাঁপা

4. basin :: অববাহিকা

5. gully :: গালিতে

6. gorge :: ঘাট

7. ravine :: গিরিখাত

8. coulee :: গিরিখাট

9. trough :: নালা

10. canyon :: গভীর খাদ

11. rift :: ফুটা

12. glen :: উপত্যকা

13. dell :: উপত্যকা

Different forms

valley, valleys

English to Bengali Dictionary: valley
Meaning and definitions of valley, translation in Bengali language for valley with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of valley in Bengali and in English language.

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What valley means in Bengali, valley meaning in Bengali, valley definition, examples and pronunciation of valley in Bengali language.

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