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শুষ্ক খড়কুটা, খড়
শুষ্ক খড়কুটা

Tinder    :শুষ্ক খড়কুটা


Tinder - শুষ্ক খড়কুটা


Related Words

1. tinder-box :: চকমকি বাক্স


1. punk :: বাজে

2. touchwood :: জ্বালাহিরুপে ব্যবহার্য শুষ্ক কাষ্ঠ

3. kindling :: ইন্ধন

4. spunk :: তেজ

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English to Bengali Dictionary: tinder
Meaning and definitions of tinder, translation in Bengali language for tinder with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of tinder in Bengali and in English language.

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What tinder means in Bengali, tinder meaning in Bengali, tinder definition, examples and pronunciation of tinder in Bengali language.

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