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Serendipity    :লাভজনক


Serendipity - লাভজনক

Serendipitous :: লাভজনক



1. (happy) chance ::

2. (happy) accident ::

3. fluke :: অপ্রত্যাশিত সাফল্য

4. luck :: ভাগ্য

5. good luck :: সৌভাগ্য

6. good fortune :: ভাগ্য ভাল

7. fortuity :: আকস্মিক ঘটনা

8. providence :: দূরদর্শিতা

9. happy coincidence :: সুখী কাকতালীয়

Different forms

serendipitous, serendipity

English to Bengali Dictionary: serendipity
Meaning and definitions of serendipity, translation in Bengali language for serendipity with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of serendipity in Bengali and in English language.

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What serendipity means in Bengali, serendipity meaning in Bengali, serendipity definition, examples and pronunciation of serendipity in Bengali language.

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