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রেস্টুরেন্ট, সরাই, খাবারের দোকান, ভোজনশালা

Restaurant    :রেস্টুরেন্ট


Restaurant - রেস্টুরেন্ট

Restaurants :: রেস্টুরেন্ট


Related Words

1. fast food restaurant :: ফাস্ট ফুড রেস্টুরেন্ট


1. eating house :: খাবারের দোকান

2. eating place :: খাওয়া জায়গা

3. eatery :: খাবারের দোকান

Different forms

restaurant, restaurants

English to Bengali Dictionary: restaurant
Meaning and definitions of restaurant, translation in Bengali language for restaurant with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of restaurant in Bengali and in English language.

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What restaurant means in Bengali, restaurant meaning in Bengali, restaurant definition, examples and pronunciation of restaurant in Bengali language.

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