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পেয়ার, জুড়ি, যুগল, দম্পতি, যুগ্ম, দ্বন্দ্ব, দ্বিতয়, মিথুন, জোড়া, জোড়জুড়ি মেলান, জুড়ি হত্তয়া, মিলিত করান, মিলিত হত্তয়া, জোড়াযর়্জোড়ায় সাজান, জোড়া মেলান, জোড় মেলান, জোড় বাঁধাপরস্পর সমান বা সম্বন্ধবিশিষ্ট দুইটি প্রাণী বস্তু, বিষয়, জোড়া
Pair :
- যুগলজোড়াপেয়ারিংবিদ্যমান জোড়াযুগল

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Noun(1) a set of two similar things considered as a unit(2) two items of the same kind(3) two people considered as a unit(4) a poker hand with 2 cards of the same value
Verb(1) form a pair or pairs(2) bring two objects, ideas, or people together(3) occur in pairs(4) arrange in pairs(5) engage in sexual intercourse

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(1) Once outside, Rebecca donned a pair of sunglasses, effectively hiding her silvery eyes.(2) I quickly hurried over to the closet and pulled out my cleanest pair of jeans.(3) Then I was idly wondering what kind of sauce to pair with this pasta.(4) I yanked a white boat neck sweater over the gray halter to pair with the pleated gray skirt I was wearing.(5) I think one of them had a pair of nines and one had a pair of aces.(6) In many species pairs are stable for at least three years, and some butterflyfishes may pair for life.(7) So singletons out there, don't give up hope, your pair is out there somewhere!(8) He added a pair of filters that correspond to two bands of infrared light needed to detect aflatoxin and fumonisin.(9) Pair a basic pair of jeans with a shirt you really like, or a cool belt or shoes.(10) Grab a pair of sharp scissors and at least two pairs of pants you won't miss until next winter.(11) The proposed jackpot would be awarded, for a side bet, to players receiving both a royal flush and a pair of aces.(12) a company run by a pair of brothers(13) a pair of scissors(14) Females pair with a male within a day of arriving and begin building their first nest within a few days.(15) Sally suggests putting together a pair of straight trousers with a biggish top and a belt slung around loosely.(16) get out, the pair of you
Related Words
(1) au pair ::
এইউ জুড়ি
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4. couple ::
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8. geminate ::
9. pair off ::
বন্ধ পেয়ার
10. mate ::
11. twin ::
Different Forms
pair, paired, pairing, pairings, pairs, pairwise
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