English to Bengali Meaning :: moult

ঝরান, খোলস ছাড়াপক্ষীর বা জন্তুর পালক চুল চর্ম শৃঙ্গ প্রভৃতি খসানো বা খসা
Moult :
- ঝরানঝরিতনির্মোচনঝরান

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Noun(1) periodic shedding of the cuticle in arthropods or the outer skin in reptiles
Verb(1) cast off hair, skin, horn, or feathers

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(1) the mountain goat is brilliant white after the autumn moult(2) The specimen also appears to be a whole animal rather than a molt : several appendages are preserved and in the first four and the last two abdominal segments a cylindrical structure is interpreted as the alimentary canal.(3) Carapace width does not vary within a molt and is proportional to the length of the males' raptorial forelimbs, which they use in attacking other males.(4) In general, healed injuries are considered to have resulted from trauma during molting or wounds by predatory attack.(5) That suggests that our captive SY birds molted their juvenal flight feathers on a schedule similar to that of Tufted Puffins in the wild.(6) While all feathers wear, they are replaced regularly by the molt processes.(7) These birds molt twice a year changing between alternate and basic (winter or non-breeding) plumage.(8) When the lobster grows, it undergoes a process called molting , when the animal sheds its old exoskeleton and grows a new, larger one.(9) Because of their hard exoskeleton, to increase in size they must molt or shed their exoskeleton and produce a new one.(10) This biasing factor is unique to organisms that molt or shed their skin during growth.(11) Also, hermit crabs commonly kept as pets molt and shed their exoskeleton.(12) The larva molts again at 72 hours to become a third-stage larva.(13) Birds eating balanced diets should have no trouble satisfying their nutritional needs during a molt .(14) With few exceptions, only adult birds were observed to molt their flight feathers in a symmetrical pattern.(15) The fall migration is preceded by a molt migration where birds molt in large groups at northern coastal sites before heading south in fresh plumage.(16) They molt twice a year, the first molt , after breeding, gives the males their eclipse plumage.
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Different Forms
moult, moulted, moulting, moults
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