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কৃপণ, ইহুদি, ব্যয়কুণ্ঠ, হতভাগ্য লোক, অভাগা, নরাধম, ক্রীতদাস
দুর্ভাগা, অসুখী, কৃপণ, অভিশপ্ত

Miser    :কৃপণ


Miser - কৃপণ

Miserly :: কিপটা

Misers :: ফকিরের দল


Related Words


1. penny-pincher :: পেনি-Pincher

2. Scrooge ::

3. pinchpenny :: pinchpenny

4. skinflint :: হাড়কঞ্জুষ

5. money-grubber :: অর্থ খননযন্ত্র

6. cheapskate :: সস্তা স্কেট

7. tightwad :: কৃপণ

8. piker :: piker

Different forms

miser, miserly, misers

English to Bengali Dictionary: miser
Meaning and definitions of miser, translation in Bengali language for miser with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of miser in Bengali and in English language.

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What miser means in Bengali, miser meaning in Bengali, miser definition, examples and pronunciation of miser in Bengali language.

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