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Meaning and definitions of Lysol, translation in Bengali language for Lysol with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of Lysol in Bengali and in English language.

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What Lysol means in Bengali, Lysol meaning in Bengali, Lysol definition, examples and pronunciation of Lysol in Bengali language.

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Brachiopod - (brachiopod) ::

Caterpillar - (শুঁয়াপোকা) :: Some caterpillars will crawl to the ground and burrow into a hole giving the parasitoids a safe refuge for the winter

Crow - (কাক) :: to my two sons I am still just the old crow

Hunter - (শিকারী) :: We mammals come in four types lone hunters pack hunters herds and scavengers

Octopus - (অক্টোপাস) :: Cephalopods which includes octopuses and squid have seriously weird brains


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Export - (রপ্তানি) :: With sheer devotion and dedication he built his company into a key tea exporter and spread its wings to export black tea to over 15 nations

Expose - (প্রভাবাধীন করা) :: An inclination to tyranny has seldom been so readily exposed by a public figure

Express - (প্রকাশ করা) :: If we can express a square number also as the sum of two other square numbers then Pythagoras Theorem tells us that we have three sides of a rightangled triangle

Expression - (অভিব্যক্তি) :: Jade nodded with a contemplative expression and led him down to the lower floors

Extend - (প্রসারিত করা) :: So far Nepal has created fourteen protected areas covering at least ten percent of the countrys land mass and there are plans to extend these protected areas


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Articulate - (গ্রন্থিবদ্ধ) :: Yet we often fail to articulate this doctrine clearly even to ourselves

Artifice - (কারচুপি) :: The purpose of art is not to deny artifice but to manage it so well that it appears inevitable

Artisan - (শিল্পী) :: Away from the music Jamaica has some excellent artisans and craftspeople but not all items for sale are of good quality

Artless - (আলাভোলা) :: Theres something awful about even a minor car accident the way the order of the road which we assume until the moment of impact is natural and artless suddenly vanishes the yelling the horrible noises

Ascetic - (তপস্বী) :: Nor will we gain any great wisdom through the more punitive ascetic methods


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Aggressive (আক্রমনাত্মক) :: Facing the most aggressive and competitive media in the world spin is vital

Ricochet (ছিনিমিনি) :: Designed to be highly effective while reducing the danger from overpenetration or ricochet the projectile is designed to totally fragment into fine particles upon impact

Midland (স্থলবেষ্টিত) :: However the distances involved in the journey of Anne of Denmark from Scotland represents a more ambitious project than any of the late queens itineraries mainly in southern and midland England

Engross (একচেটিয়া করা) :: Connie who was totally engrossed in the film they were watching jumped a mile when LeeAnne tapped her on the shoulder

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